Monday, September 19, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Cocaine and Communion Wine Mix

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Whew!  I am back!  After having my work schedule thrown off for a couple of days, I have been laid up with the yucks for the last few days.  Slowly recovering just in time for the madness that is Americana Music Association Festival to begin in Nashville.  AMA Fest is like a normal music week in Nashville on steroids. The impossible choices, the conflicts, the mad dashes from venue to venue hoping you don't get shut out... Lots of E2TG and personal favorites are playing official and unofficial and semi-official shows.  I will try to sort it all out as best I can, but pretty much - the schedule is one line, AMA even has an app, and you are on your own.

I did manage to catch just one show during my convalescence. On Friday, I felt a little better and wandered over to The Family Wash to catch an awesome triple bill.  Ned Hill (of the band Ned Van Go) was backed by Tommy Womack, and it was wonderful.   BARK rocked the house and it was great to see them.  And Alvin Youngblood Hart's Muscle Theory blew me away. Really great southern, bluesy, music.  They were joined by two special guests - Canadian turned Nashvillian Steve Dawson and the always amazing Audley Freed.  Two incredible but very different guitar players.

Coolness today - Jon Latham had a new song premiere on Country Fried Rock.  And Zach Schmidt had a new song premiere at Bluegrass Situation.

Now,  we have a Music City Monday shuffle to get the week off on the right foot...

"Your Heart to Haunt" by Joey Kneiser

First up, Joey Kneiser and Kelly Smith (Glossary) with a track off the album Live at Standard Deluxe.  Standard Deluxe is in Waverly, Alabama.  Joey and Kelly are based in Nashville.  

"Should Have Been Better" by Shelby Lynne

Shelby Lynne lived for a time in Nashville.  This is a track from her breakthrough 1999 album, I Am Shelby Lynne which was released following her move to Los Angeles. 

"Hold On" (Live at Eastside Manor) by David Ramirez

This one has been hanging around the playlists for a while.  David Ramirez is from Austin, Texas - I think he lived for a time in Nashville, but in any case, this was recorded live in East Nashville. It's a really cool song - from a release put out a while back on Noisetrade. 

"Baby Don't You" by John Paul Daniel

Next up, another cool song from the album All is Well.  A really cool, laid-back sound on this album. Dig it. 

"Dope is Dope" by Hard Working Americans

Next, we have one from the latest album by Hard Working Americans.  Dope is Dope. 

"Pappy Closed the Book" by Tom House

One of Nashville best and most elusive songwriters - Tom House with a track from his album Winding Down the Road which was produced by Brock Zeman. 

"Virginia Slim" by Saint Luke's Drifters

Next up in the shuffle - Saint Luke's Drifters from nearby Watertown with another track from their most recent album - Trials and Tribulations. Great stuff here. 

"The Beast" by 2Ton Bridge

Alexander Wright is from LA, but the current album - 2Ton Bridge was recorded partially here in Nashville. The album was produced by Marvin Etzioni (of Lone Justice fame).  Both Wright and Etzioni will be in town for Americana week. Check them out together at Fond Object Thursday afternoon, MadDonnas Thursday night, and at Bobby's Idle Hour on Saturday. Joined by local favorite Daniel Seymour. 

"Sideshow Love" by Will Kimbrough

I've been a fan of Will Kimbrough for a very long time - going back to his days in Will and the Bushmen.  We crossed paths when our kids went to pre-school together in the late 90s, and I have been fortunate enough to see him play live several times since then.  This is the title track from his 2014 album.  One of his bands, Willie Sugarcapps will be making a rare Nashville appearance during American Fest. 


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