Thursday, September 8, 2016

Trending Thursday Morning Shuffle - Skinny Jeans and Bad Hair Mix

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Okay... here we go. The good thing about starting you work week on Wednesday is that you suddenly find yourself at Thursday!  First things first.

Really enjoyed night one of Amelia White's September Residency at The 5 Spot.  Jesse and Noah opened with some new songs, some old songs, and a nifty Donovan cover. Amelia White and the Blue Souvenirs were awesome as always - Parker Hawkins, Fran Breen, Paul Neihaus, and Dave Coleman. We really are spoiled here in Nashville by all the great players. Amelia debuted some new songs in addition to playing some of my favorites. She threw in an awesome cover of "Silver Wings" - a song by the late Merle Haggard that I was introduced to by The Knitters.

Tonight, Mark Robinson's September Residency at The 5 Spot continues.  The band will include Rick Schell and Daniel Seymour, and the special guests will be Mark Huff and Webb Wilder!  Seriously, do not miss this show if at all possible!

Since, I missed Trending Tuesday, and since I have an overabundance of "new music", I am going to forgo Throwback Thursday for this week only and present a rare Trending Thursday shuffle... enjoy!

"Pearleen" by Black Severn

We begin with another great track from Bristol (UK) band Black Severn from their self-titled album which was released earlier this year.  A great started to the morning commute. 

"String Theory Thinking" by The Vondrukes

We move on to another track from their new album On This Ride Together.  I really dig the rootsy rock and roll sound of this band which includes one member from the band The Poorhouse Says.  The extent of my knowledge of String Theory is limited to what I learned from Big Bang Theory and some basic knowledge about Silly String. Great song, though! :-) 

"No Right" by Phil Rudd

Next up, we have another track from Head Job the forthcoming album from former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd. It is glorious hard rock and worthy of a listen. 

"Ultraviolet" by And the Echo

Next up, our first listen to the recently released self-titled album by this synth pop band from Oxford, Mississippi. Really digging this album a whole bunch.  A nice change of pace. As diverse and eclectic as E2TG can be, it is always fun to find great music that pushes my envelope even further afield. Mississippi has been coming up in conversations recently, and I think next time it does, I will throw in a mention of this band.  More to come.  

"Skinny Jeans" by Si Cranstoun

Old School UK singer-songwriter Si Cranstoun extols the virtues of skinny jeans and those who wear them.  Old School is the name of his latest album, by the way, and it is one you definitely need to check out!

"I'll Be Good To You" by Elouise

A deeper cut from Deep Water, the debut album by L.A. band Elouise is up next.  I have been captivated by this band since I first heard their album, and I was actually the first person to "Like" their Facebook page.  I expect to hear more about this band in the near future.  There are some Nashville bands that I can envision sharing a bill with Elouise. Just saying... 

"Bad Hair Day" by Leland Sundries

I don't know, at my age and looking at some of my contemporaries, I think just having hair makes it a good hair day, but as someone with curly hair that reacts badly to high humidity (which occurs frequently here in Nashville), I can definitely relate.  Leland  Sundries are an awesome Brooklyn-based band. This is a song from their latest album, Music for Outcasts. 

"Soldier of Fortune" by Owen Campbell

Owen Campbell is a Australian dirty blues/folk singer. This a track from his latest album Breathing Bullets which was recorded in Memphis and produced by Devon Allman (yes one of THOSE Allmans), and it is really good stuff.  Check it out!  


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