Friday, October 28, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - No Bees in the Breeze Mix

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This has been a pretty rough week, to be honest... I haven't been feeling particularly wonderful, but it is Friday, and for right now, I am feeling pretty okay.

Last night was one of those nights that really make me glad to live in Nashville. Zach Schmidt, who is one of the best people I know and a great songwriter/artist, too, held his CD Release party at imogene + willie over in 12th South. It was a wonderful, candlelit backyard party. A great atmosphere and an amazing line-up of performers including: Hugh Masterson, Becca Mancari, Jon Latham, Charlie Whitten, Joshua Black Wilkins, Brian Wright, Aaron Lee Tasjan, and more. Schmidt closed the evening with a full-band set. His album, The Day We Lost the War is out, and worthy of attention.

Another album that is out (as of today) is Aaron Lee Tasjan's Silver Tears.  Tasjan who has been on an unstoppable upward trajectory since I became aware of his music may have just hit the hyper-drive. To celebrate the new album, he is, as I write this, conducting bus tour #12barblues and making stops (and performances) at 12 venues in and around Nashville.  It all culminates tonight at 3rd and Lindsley.  Brian Wright opens tonight's show and joins Tasjan on stage.

If all goes as planned, there will likely be no shuffles next week, but look for some posts from the highways...

By the way, not that I pay attention to things like this, but... as I am writing this, E2TG is 17 page views away from October 2016 being the highest page view month ever. Thanks for everyone who is reading.

On to the music shuffle....

"Soldiers in the Army of Mercy and Peace" by Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke

We start things off with a track from Everybody Has a Purpose by this Michigan-based folk duo. Coming elements of 60s folk and native and world music, they wrote uplifting songs that come from the heart and the spirit. 

"Big Bess" by Si Cranstoun

Next up, another track from Si Cranstoun and his retro sounding new album, Old School.  Big Bess from Key West. 

"In Thrall" by BLACK SEVERN

Next, we have another from UK band Black Severn. Their music is dense and dark and cinematic.  They employee projections, found sounds and more to recreate the atmosphere of the album in a live setting. 

"This Disguise" by Mike Cullison

Mike Cullison, the Roadside Rambler, is back with another track from his latest album Front Porch Philosphy. 
"Killing Time" by Tim Easton

Another fun backyard CD Release party that I attended a while back, was Tim Easton's show for his latest  album American Fork. This is a track from that excellent album. 

"Silent Cry" by Quinn Harley

This is our first official listen to By the Pines, the remarkable new album from Connecticut singer-songwriter Quinn Harley.  I got the chance to hear this before it was released. I was blown away. The music here is intimate and personal. Songs about a journey of self-love and recovery. These are difficult subjects to write about without falling into cliches and sentimentality. Quinn Harley deftly avoids those pitfalls. Quinn Harley is from Connecticut. Check out this EP. 

"Another Round on Me" by Gabrielle Louise

Okay - right now, this is my favorite song on If the Static Clears - until I change my mind.  It is an upside down, inside out world... have another round on me... 

"The Walk" by Chase Walker Band

And we close things out with what has almost become a Friday tradition... a rocking blues tune from Not Quite Legal.  


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