Friday, October 14, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Subpoenas Ain't Setups Mix

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Man oh man, there is a lot of hatred and anger and fear and incivility in the world, and thanks to the power of social media/the internet, it is literally in our faces 24/7.

I'm a simple-minded man, and my solution is always music which heals and has the power to unite and to calm a troubled heart, mind, and soul.  Peace. Please try to be kind - even to those who do not treat you kindly. Try... at least try.

Hey... The awesome Drew Kohl will be releasing his new EP which is called New Rain one week from today.  You can take a listen over at No Depression.

We have reached the end of another work week... Here is the Featured Friday Shuffle for today...

"Determined to Fail" by Jason P. Krug

Another swell track from one of my favorite albums of 2016, The Zen of Losing.  Jason P. Krug as a new band Jikijikija. Here is a link to an interview with JPK conducted by E2TG favorite The Danbury Lie

"Native Cry" by The Danbury Lie

Well, look here. Speaking of The Danbury Lie - we have a track from Without Mirrors - the latest from this Washington State by way of Connecticut artist/band. Plus, here is a link to an interview with The Danbury Lie conducted by E2TG favorite Jason P. Krug

"Better Angels" by Kent Eugene Goolsby

As we move closer to the November 11 release date for Temper of the Times, songs are being released, and I get more and more excited. I am a relatively new fan of Kent Goolsby - we met, I think, at a Joey Kneiser show a good while back, and I was fortunate to get an early copy of this album, and I have been digging it - a lot. Goolsby and I come from the same hometown, and we are both children of career educators at the university there. 

"Life is Hard" by Darrin Bradbury

One of Darrin Bradbury's signature song. The ballad of Jack Kerouac, Lenny Bruce, and Daffy Duck.  You can get a Handmade-Train Smashed Coin Lyric Chain via Darrin's bandcamp page with "Life is Hard" or other quotes from his songs. 

"Done Loving" by Chase Walker Band

Next, we have another excellent track from Not Quite Legal.  As I have mentioned, Chase Walker is now a student at Belmont University here in Nashville. 

"Ant Holocaust" by The Danbury Lie

Oh cool, another Danbury Lie track. Because, I forgot to mention that yesterday was the birthday of Rob - of The Danbury Lie. Here is a song about an Ant Holocaust. 

"Electron Cloud" by Valued Customer

To me, Valued Customer are just about everything.  Combining classically trained musicians with real deal spiritual warriors who happen to have a keen grasp on the culture and an authentic hip hop voice. hugecup is simply amazing. Their music is not exactly familiar, but it is accessible in unexpected ways. #E2TG loves #VC.

"A Christmas Twist" by Si Cranstoun

Okay, okay - before you start writing and calling, this song is being played because it came up in my playlist.  A nice dancable cover from his latest Old School. 
"Theresa" by Brian Wright

And we close things our for the week with some words about humility, forgiveness, and forgetting.  A track from The SneakUps by Cafe Rooster Records co-founder Brian Write.  In the video playlist, we have his performance of "Maria Sugarcane"from The Basement East - as shot by my friend, Crystal. Below is the embed cope to stream this trak. 


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