Monday, October 24, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Lovin' Me Again Mix

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Blargh... nothing like a nasty stomach bug to put the kibosh in plans... I'm feeling better... just a little queasy sometimes.. but I will push on and no details will be offered.

Jumping into the new week just some random tidbits... I am going to be getting a new phone soon and will eventually be moving all the songs to it and recreating playlists. Fortunately, the old phone is still functional, so I can continue to use it during the transition. Also, I am plotting a vacation, and I am hoping to post some missives from the road. More to come...

It is Monday in Music City (and other places)... here are some tunes with a Nashville connection...

"Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday" by Brian Langlinais

The shuffle has been digging Brian Langlinais' Right Hand Road, and so am I.  Langlinais is a Nashville singer-songwriter via South Louisiana. This is one of two cover songs on the album. The original was by soul singer William Bell and was later covered by Warren Haynes. 

"Chase Me Out of the Dark" by Joey Kneiser

From Live From Standard Deluxe.  Joey Kneiser and Kelly Smith of the band Glossary make beautiful music. 

"Educated" by Tim Carroll

Going back a few years, Tim Carroll with a track from All Kinds of Pain.   I know for a fact that Tim Carroll was educated at Indiana University in Bloomington. 

"Tip Plug" by BR549

Literally, a plug for tips from the stage of Robert's Western World on Broadway in Nashville. Remember to tip the band, tip the bartender, tip the cow... to paraphrase Kevn Kinney. Substitute video of BR549 on Later with Jools Holland. 

"Daddy What If" by Bobby Bare and Bobby Bare Jr.

I don't think it gets more Nashville than Bobby Bare and a very young Bobby Bare Jr. singing a Shel Silverstein song.  You may have heard this on Double Shot with Joe and Sue.  Or in the documentary, Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost.  Really stoked that E2TG Artist of the Year Jon Latham will be opening for Bobby Bare Jr. at The Basement East on  November 17. 

"Trouble" by Pony Boy

Long time E2TG favorite, with her song that was featured on the television series Nashville which will debut on its new network CMT.  Her songs have also been featured on one of my favorite shows, Gotham. Her two most previous albums were produced by Adam Landry and Justin Collins and released on Cosmic Thug Records - the label she founded with Landry and Collins. 

"Up in the Canyon" by Sergio Webb

Sergio Webb covers a Ron Davies song from his album Domingo. A gorgeous rendition of a gorgeous song.  Ron Davies was a Nashville songwriter who also wrote (among many others), "It Ain't Easy" which David Bowie included on his Ziggy Stardust album. 

"To God and Back" by Mike Cullison

We close things out with another one from Front Porch Philosophy by The Roadhouse Rambler himself. A nice way to end the shuffle.  


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