Monday, October 17, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Road and a Flash of Lightning Mix

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Welcome to the working week...   here is a musical recap of my weekend.  Friday, enjoyed another Tim Carroll Rock and Roll Happy Hour show at The 5 Spot.  Saturday, did a live show of Double Shot with Joe and Sue.  Then, I listened to Gina Frary Bacon and Gregory Riggle's interview with Tim Carroll on Nashville U.  Then, I headed to the Southern Festival of Books just in time to catch Tomi Lunsford's set. Then to Beared Iris Brewery in Germantown to catch a bunch of cool songwriters hosted by Tom Schreck.  Saw some old friends, including Schreck, Ariel Bui, Kiely Schlesinger (back by Drew Kohl), and finally got to see Ben Douglas.  Then, I headed to Douglas Corner Cafe to catch a round with Tom House, RB Morris, and Michael "Supe" Granda.  David Olney was supposed to be a part of this, but he had to sit out under doctor's orders. It was a fine night, nonetheless, with three very distinct songwriters and some great stories.

Sunday night, after a kind of lazy day, I got the exact show I needed to energize my spirit. One of those incredible, unlikely Nashville nights. At the (still unofficial) reincarnation of one of Nashville's storied venues (Radio Cafe), I caught a set by local legend Greg Garing, plus a lively and fun set of punk rock from The Buddies.  The Buddies are made up of two members of Black Vincent (including front man Coley Kennedy) from Michigan plus Nashvillian's Justin, Scott, and Kim Collins (Justin and the Cosmics, Smoking Flowers). And the night ended, it superb raucous style by a band billed as World's Greatest Eagle Scouts, but who reminded me a whole lot of Blackfoot Gypsies - I guess because it was...  It was amazing seeing this band in such an intimate setting. At one point, the Collins' brothers brought a table and chairs on stage and sat and smoked and drank. Later, the whole bar was rolled up to the front of the stage. Beer cans were flying, people were dancing.  It was a great way to end a Sunday night.

Now, we roll into Monday. Here at E2TG, that means we feature songs from the Music City Monday playlist - songs/artists/albums with some connection to Nashville. Let's go!

"I'm A Hoot Owl" by 2 Ton Bridge

I am so glad that I got to meet and spend some time with Alexander Wright of 2 Ton Bridge during Americana Fest, and I am also bummed that due to the insane schedule of that week, I never got to see him live.  Dig this one from the 2 Ton Bridge album which came out earlier this year. 

"Clean Slate" by Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles

I got to see Erin Rae (solo) at the CD Release show for Tim Easton's American Fork. I really love her voice and her songs. This track comes from that Nashville music compilation from Noisetrade and Nisolo that came out at the beginning of the summer.  Video from Music City Roots. 
"Out of the Ether" by The Colored Parade

Going back to 2015, this is a track from a previous band of Nashville singer-songwriter Andrew Adkins.  

"Is Anybody There?" by John Hiatt

John Hiatt has been an integral part of the Nashville music community for decades, and he is one of the best and most popular songwriters/artists that this city has ever produced. This is due in large part to amazing albums like 1988's Slow Turning. 
"Honky Tonk Heroes" by Waylon Jennings

One of Music City's "Outlaws" with one of the landmark albums of that "movement". The song was written by Billy Joe Shaver, as was almost all of the 1973 album of the same name.  Before Outlaw country was a brand, it was just great songwriters following their muse against the grain of the music establishment. 
"You Can't Say I Didn't Love You" by Brian Langlinais

Brian Langlinais has rapidly become one of my favorite live performers.  I am likely a distant cousin of Langlinais (I have family with that last name from near where he is from), and I certain recognize the easy-going, good time feeling so prevalent in South Louisiana. 

"The River In All of Us" by Andrew Adkins

Our second Andrew Adkins' tune in the shuffle - this from his most recent release Glass Castles.  This is a song you may have heard on Double Shot with Joe and Sue a couple of weeks ago. 

"Beyond the Frame" by Kent Eugene Goolsby

And we close with another excellent track as we countdown to the release of Kent Eugene Goolsby's Temper of The Times album.  The video in the playlist which just follows is Goolsby covering a Springsteen from Couch by Couchwest a couple of years ago. 


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