Monday, October 10, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Staring Contest Mix

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Another work week has begun. I took a quick weekend trip to visit family in Georgia. Heading into what could be a busy week. It seems like every five minutes, I get an event invite or notification, and they are all for the same day at roughly the same time. And course, they are almost all things I really want to do. I hope the cloning experiments begin to show some good results by mid-week.

It is Monday, and it is time to shuffle up the Music City Monday playlist.   Looks to be a pretty diverse group of songs.... Let's go!

"Front Door" by Don Gallardo

Don Gallardo's latest album, Hickory is getting some good and well-deserved intention. This track is from the live acoustic album The Sea and The Land.  I dig this one - as I do just about all of his music... maybe all, I can't off hand think of anything he has done that I don't like, but I try to avoid absolutes so I say "just about".

"Vancouver" by Kopecky

E2TG has been playing Kopecky since they were Kopecky Family Band. This is a track from their latest album, Drug for the Modern Age, which came out in 2015. This track comes from a Noisetrade compilation of Nashville artists put out by Nisolo.  The band seems to be on a bit of a hiatus, but hopefully, we will see new music in 2017.

"Seven Nights to Rock" by BR549

BR5-49 (BR549) were an essential part of the revitalization of Lower Broadway in Nashville during the mid 1990s.  This song is a cover of a 1956 song originally recorded by Moon Mullican.  

"The Roadkill Song" by Darrin Bradbury

Also known as "Frying Eggs", this is a staple of the Darrin Bradbury live experience, and I absolutely love this version which is from his brand new album, Elmwood Park: A Slightly Melodic Audio Book. I could not find a video of this song, so I picked a video from Darrin's performance of "Life is Hard" from the Better Together show at The Basement East which helped kick off Americana Fest. Video credit to my friend Crystal. By the way, with this post, Darrin Bradbury is now the most "tagged" artist in E2TG history. He is also about to embark on a tour that includes some dates with the red hot and awesome Margo Price. 

"Road Not Taken" by Amelia White

Next up, we have our last track to feature from Amelia White's Home Sweet Hotel album.  We still stands as one of my favorites of the year. Plus, I love my Home Sweet Hotel keychain that looks like one of those old motel keys. 

"I Love A Rainy Night" by Eddie Rabbitt

Eddie Rabbitt began his career as a Nashville songwriter in the 1960s - composing songs that were recorded by Elvis Presley and Ronnie Milsap before beginning a recording career of his own, and eventually leading the country crossover wave of the late 70s/early 80s. This 1980 song was a number one hit on both the Country and the Pop charts, and it displaced Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" at #1 on the Billboard Pop chart. To date, that was the last time there were back to back country songs at number one. 
"Bastards of Young" by Smoking Flowers

How about a cover of the Replacements' classic by Nashville's own Smoking Flowers.  I am pretty sure I saw the band perform this song when they opened for Raging Fire last year at Exit/In. More recently, Smoking Flowers closed out the Cosmic Thug party at The 5 Spot a couple of weeks ago.  Kim and Scott Collins of Smoking Flowers will be playing this coming Sunday at Radio Cafe as part of The Buddies - which features Coley Kennedy of Black Vincent who we featured on E2TG a while back. This will be a rare Buddies' show and Greg Garing will be opening. 

"The Great Confessor" by Kent Eugene Goolsby

Kent Eugene Goolsby's new album Temper of the Times is set for release in less than a month. This is the lead track from that album.  You will want to check out this album when it is released. As I think I mentioned before, Goolsby is from my hometown - and graduated from the same high school as I did (albeit a couple of decades and a completely different building apart). The video performance of this song was recorded at a house show I attended when Kent Goolsby and his wife Anna Leigh opened for Micah Schnabel. 

"Old Coal Town" by Andrew Adkins

And we close out our shuffle with track from Glass Castles - the latest from Nashville singer-songwriter Andrew Adkins. This album contains some of my favorite much that Adkins has made, and I have been a fan of his many different incarnations. 


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