Thursday, October 6, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - Salvation and Sin Mix

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Happy Thursday... sending good thoughts to everyone in the path of Hurricane Matthew. And especially thinking about those who have lost life and property in the Caribbean.

Congratulations to WXNA-LP Nashville for finishing second to Lightning 100 in the Nashville Scene Readers Poll for Best Radio Station.  A remarkable achievement for a low power station that has only been on the air for 4 month.  Super proud to play a small part in the station, but props go out to our super hard working and dedicated Board and our fearless leader Heather Lose. This achievement is a testament to the impact the station has already had on the community.

Well, the Buck N Stuff show was the epic throw down that I expected. My favorite moment was the Buck Owens cover that they performed. #BuckNStuff are the absolute best. They announced last night that they will be playing The 5 Spot for New Years Eve.  Make your plans now.  2017 is sure to be the Year of Buck N Stuff.

It is Thursday when we throw things back, and I think we have a really awesome shuffle today... shall we?

"New Feelings" by Soul Asylum

We start with a deep cut from Made to Be Broken by Minneapolis band Soul Asylum. The year was 1986 (30 years ago!) The band released three albums that year.

"Another Nail In My Heart" by Squeeze

Our final track from Singles 45s and Under.  This compilation is just about as perfect a collection of pop songs as can be imagined.  The song dates back to 1980 when it was released as a single ahead of the release of the band's album Argybargy.  

"I Dunno" by The Georgia Satellites

From the 1989 album In the Land of Salvation and Sin. This album has always been a favorite of mine - it was the last album by the band before Dan Baird left.  I found a video of Baird and his new band Homemade Sin performing this song. 

"Grateful" by Blake Babies

Also from 1989. This is a live recording from a May 9, 1989 live show by The Blake Babies - who have reunited recently.  This song was on the band's 1989 album Earwig. 

"Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" by Bruce Springsteen

Throwing things back even further.  This is the classic second track from Springsteen's Born to Run album.  Man this song/album/band is soooo good. 

"I'm Not Satisfied" by Fine Young Cannibals

This one goes back to 1988 (UK) or 1989 (US).  From The Raw and The Cooked.  The band featured two former members of The English Beat and vocalist Roland Gift. 

"Take the Skinhead Bowling" by Eugene Chadbourne

Taken from the 1996 album, Jesse Helms Busted With Pornography - A C and W Opera. This is a cover of the classic Camper Van Beethoven song from their 1985 album Telephone Free Landslide Victory. This track features several members of CVB. 

"Think It Over" by Steve Earle

I was just talking about Steve Earle last night.  This is a track from his 1986 debut album Guitar Town. 

"Egyptian Cream" by Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians

This is the lead track from Robyn Hitchcock's first album with The Egyptians. Robyn Hitchcock lives in Nashville now, and he just released a single with Emma Swift. Expect to hear those two songs soon on E2TG - but don't wait - go check them out.  And, what a good excuse to plug my friend Gina's interview with Robyn and Emma will air on WXNA on Saturday following Double Shot with Joe and Sue. Woohoo!

"East Wind/Faith" by Minutemen

From the 1982 album What Makes a Man Start Fires? and compiled on the 1987 CD Post-Mersh Vol. 1.  This song was written by George Hurley and Mike Watt. Post-Mersh Vol. 1 has 36 tracks. We still have a bunch to go. 


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