Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Static Mix

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Time keeps marching on... I took a couple of concrete steps toward my little getaway I am planning for next week.

Prerecorded another "Double Shot" show last night - it is a good one and will air on November 5.

Slowly but surely getting over the bug I had over the weekend.

Last week, I stacked up all of the new CDs that I have received in 2016 for E2TG, it's a big stack and I've received two more since then, plus it doesn't include all of the music I received on download.  It's getting really close to the end of the year, and the 2nd Annual "Earie" Awards... there I said it. I definitely have some pondering and relistening to do.

It is Tuesday, and that is when we see what the old shuffle function says is "Trending" on E2TG.

"Shiloh" by Darryl Purpose

Darryl Purpose's album Still the Birds is one of those new releases from this year that has really stuck with me. I had never heard of his when I received this CD, but one listen told me this was something special. He is from Colorado, and the album was recorded in Texas and features some musicians with pretty hefty credentials.  It is Purpose's voice rich and easy, and his songs deep and sharply-focused that steal the show here. 

"Waco" by Clint Morgan

Another 2016 release from someone that I was not familiar with before. The album is called Scofflaw, and it, too, has stuck with me. This is a conceptual album of a sort and has strong blues-influence to it.

"Parchman Prison Clay" by 2 Ton Bridge

And, we have another track from the excellent 2 Ton Bridge album. This is one is about the infamous Mississippi State Penitentiary that has been immortalized in number blues songs over the years.  This is a worthy addition to that lineage. As I may have mentioned, the album was produced by Marvin Etzioni and recorded in Los Angeles with strings and background vocal recorded in Nashville. 

"Dance with the Devil" by Post Death Soundtrack

Shaking things up a bit, we have another track from The Unlearning Curve by this Canadian collective.  They are based in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto and collaborate using the magic of the internet. Dark, dense, intense electronic music.

"Always" by Marla Mase

Next up, we have another track from the amazing Marla Mase and her new album Miracles: Lost and Found.  Mase is a passionate, gutsy, powerful creative force - a writer, performer, singer and much more.  If you missed it when I posted it before, be sure to check out her incredible video for the song, "Everyone Dies".

"Parkdale SKales" by Ugggy (feat. King Calm) (prod. Sly Why)

Another from the Legends of the SmoKe mixtape by Ugggy of Valued Customer. This time featuring King Calm and a beat from Sly Why. I really dig this.  Really!

"Godk" by Valued Customer

What!  A VC tune right after an Ugggy jam? Yes!  Hugecup is a shining example has to why Valued Customer have been one of my absolute favorites for several years now. They keep pushing further and getting better. They some how to keep stretching boundaries without getting lost in the expanse outside the fence of conformity. Their music moves me in ways that I do not always know how to explain, but which I cannot every deny. 

"9 Kinds of Hell" by Nellie Clay

Nellie Clay is simply put one of the most delightful human beings I have ever encountered, and man I love her music. This is a track from her album Never Did What A Shoulda Done.  East Nashville, Alaska, and Oklahoma all stake a claim to her - probably other places, too - or at least they should.  If you are not familiar. Get there. 

"If the Static Clears" by Gabrielle Louise

And we close things out with another one of those many CDs that I received this year, and another one that has really stayed high on my list.  This is the title track of this remarkable record. Bringing the shuffle full circle (in more than one way), she is from Colorado. I hear a lot of different types and styles of music, and I am always less interested in if they music sounds like something familiar than I am interested in hearing something that sounds like nothing I have heard before.  This is one of those rare albums. 


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