Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Wabi-Sabi Mix

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Here we go... it's Tuesday... I'm a little short on time so... let us jump right into the shuffle... from the "New Music" playlist...

"Ain't Enough Whiskey" by Mike Cullison

Our first listen to Mike Cullison, The Roadhouse Rambler's new album Front  Porch Philosophy which was made with the assistance of students at The Art Institute under the guidance of producer and engineer extraordinaire, Mark Robinson. 

"Above the Trees" by McNary

The title track of one of my favorite albums of 2016.  Tim McNary has a wonderful, distinctive voice, writes great songs, and it all seems to come together nicely on Above the Trees. 

"Truth Be Coming Down" by Marla Mase

Another track from the forthcoming new album from Marla Mase - Miracles: Lost and Found. Mase is a poet, performance artist, songwriter, and singer. Look for her new video (not this song) in the Video Playlist. 

"Dancing At Waynes" by Conrad Y Skordalia

David Conrad and Rebecca Weiner-Tompkins form the core of Conrad Y Skordalia. Their new album Silo Full of Birds is out now. Wonderful poetic lyrics. The album features guitar great Marc Ribot. 

"Ease On Up" by The Grisly Hand

Another excellent song from Flesh and Gold by Kansas City band, The Grisly Hand. Ease on Up!

"Transform in White Light" by Post Death Soundtrack

Next up some more industrial/electronic music from Canada.  The Unlearning Curve - their latest album, marks their return after a three year hiatus. A wonderful sonic attack. Dig it. 

"All I Needed (Was You)" by Tim Carroll

Next, a song from It's All Politics - the latest release by Nashville's own Tim Carroll. The album was recorded at The Bomb Shelter studio in East Nashville - you can read about The Bomb Shelter in the music issue of The East Nashvillian. 

"tn cut" by valued customer

You know, when I see a Valued Customer song come up in my shuffle, I immediately get happy.  For being so different than much of the music I listen to, their music really connects with me on a very deep level. Spiritually-charged lyrics, classical trained musicianship, a deep understanding of complex and obscure music from all over the world, hip-hop influences that flow naturally, a slightly whacked out, but infinitely endearing aesthetic... need I go on. Their last album Kalpa was a magnum opus.  Hugecup is a bold and dramatic step forward. They are from Toronto, Canada. I have been writing about them for at least four years. I will be writing about them for as long as they keep doing their thing. 


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