Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Be Easy and Free Mix

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I need to be a little brief... my "new" phone came in, so the transition process has begun. The good news is that it will solve some of the issues I have been having.  It may just take a bit to get the music all squared away... deciding if I do a straight dump of everything or do some culling of older "remainders" from albums I featured a long time ago... Either way, the time consuming part will be rebuilding the playlists. Wish those were my biggest problems...

Tonight, the finale of the Crackerboots residency.  If you haven't made it out to this point, you would make an effort. You will not be disappointed. If you have made it out, I don't need to tell you...   Peter Cooper opens.  The late show features several bands including the always amazing Don Gallardo!

Wednesday, we get wild and free with some music from covering all sorts of genres, eras, geographic locations, and more...

"Bubble" by Batkhi Dahn

Always a joy to have a Batkhi Dahn song in the shuffle. This is a delightful track from the Oil Change album which is the latest and came out back in April.  The video is one of the three Batkhi Dahn videos I could find. It is two years old, which is teenage years is like 20 to people my age. 

"Desperately Wanting" by Better Than Ezra

To be honest, Better Than Ezra was one of those bands that I just kind of missed out on. I always new about them, and I'm sure I heard some of their music, but for reasons that probably have nothing to do with their music.  A few months back, there was a benefit for victims of flooding in Louisiana, and the organization that was involved was the Better than Ezra Foundation.  Kevin Griffin, guitarist and vocalist, performed (he lives in Nashville now), and I enjoyed his set. I came across CD (Friction, Baby, 1996) at Goodwill. Don Gehman produced this album. 

"Grandfather Clocks" by Forecast Tomorrow

This album, Hats, Gloves, and Grandfather Clocks, came out about a year ago, and this song and a couple of others have been hanging out in the playlist for a while. Nice to be reminded of this one. They are from Sydney, Australia and the music is progressive metal/alternative. I dig it. 

"Marianne" by The Buddies

Commemorating one of the most energetic and rocking shows I have seen in a while, This is The Buddies with a song from their most recent album - self titled. As I have mentioned, The Buddies features a couple of members of Black Vincent along with Justin Collins (Justin and the Cosmics) and Kim and Scott Collins (Smoking Flowers) - the latter three are from Nashville. I was so happy to see them play a very rare show. 

"mutations (untitled title)" by Discount Ravioli

Wow, it seems like it has been a while since we had a Discount Ravioli song in the shuffle.  This is from the EP come looj with us (released back in January) and consists of some snippets and studio banter some of which is about mutations.  Still no Discount Ravioli video (although there is a You Tube Channel???), so I picked a 2014 school project of Evan Nork (who I think is in D.R. but I could be wrong, and if so, oh well... watch it anyway).

"Had Enough" by Waco Brothers

This alt-country band is led by Jon Langford (Mekons), and they released  an album this year called Going Down in History on Bloodshot Records. This is a track from that album.  

"X-Mas Eve Head" by Candy Apple and The Buddies

This is the same The Buddies as earlier in the shuffle. I'm not sure if the Candy Apple was just part of the name that was dropped or if it had any different members. And, yes, it's an X-Mas song and yes, it is October. Heck, it's a cool song... so... This is from an EP called Leprechaun to the Right. I found a video made with photos from a 2009 show at the Foobar in East Nashville - which closed and is now called Cobra. 

"Walls Come Down" by Conrad Y Skordalia

Next up, another from Conrad Y Skordalia's new album, A Silo Full of Birds - an excellent album!  They will be playing Friday at Bobby's Idle Hour along with the always awesome Russell Thompson, and the incomparable Julie Christensen. 

"I'm a Man You Don't Meet Everyday" by The Buddies

How about a triple play from The Buddies!  From Country Record, this is a traditional Irish drinking song (do you really have to say "drinking" after Irish or is that redundant? Anyway, the best known version of the song was by The Pogues on their classic Rum, Sodomy, and The Lash album. I could not find a video of the Buddies doing this song, so I posted The Pogues version.  

"Strangers in the Night" by Frank Sinatra

And just in case our Wild Wednesday shuffle had not covered enough ground, here is Old Blue Eyes himself with the title track from his 1966 album. 

"Away From the Road" by Fendrick and Peck

We close things out with another lovely song from this Wisconsin based travelling husband and wife duo - who lived for a time in Nashville, and their album The Sandhill Crane. 


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