Thursday, November 10, 2016

Featured Thursday Morning Shuffle - Let Them Rupture Mix

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Music is good for whatever ails you... that has been my philosophy for some time now. In recent years, I have been fortunate enough to be able to add "and the community around it" after the word music in that philosophy.  Last night, once again, that I idea was reinforced.

Between my vacation and other things, it had been about two weeks since I set foot in my favorite East Nashville hang, The 5 Spot.  Although, there was a part of my that wanted to stay in - I am very glad that I went out.  I ended up being there for over six hours and heard a ton of amazing music beginning with Wild Ponies just after six o'clock and ending with Tommy Womack just after midnight.  In between, I heard and saw, Amy Speace, Stelle Amor, and Andrew Adkins.   The early show was Wild Ponies and Speace - and billed as a Happy Hour of Healing.  Which is was in the most uplifting and amazing way possible.  It was especially healing to be able to hang out with lovely, compassionate, passionate people who were hurting in the same way that I was (and am).

Musical highlights included Wild Ponies being awesome as always - loved their song "Love is Not a Sin" and their cover of Katy Perry's "Roar", Amy Speace's cover of The Waterboys' "Strange Boat" and her set ending sing-a-long of "This Land is Your Land" (all of the verses) which featured Speace, Megan Palmer, Allen Thompson, Julie Christensen, Amelia White, Stacie Huckaba, Kira Small and more.  I dug Stelle Amor's relentless joyful soul music, it was great seeing Andrew Adkins with a full band - doing several tracks from his Glass Castles album which we have been featuring on here.  Tommy Womack was joined by his son Nathan and the awesome rhythm section of Daniel Seymour and Pete Pulkrabek. He opened with "Like a Rolling Stone" and ended with "A Cockroach After the Bomb" - and in between played some of his incredible songs like "Alpha Male and the Canine Mystery Blood", "Nice Day", and the Government Cheese songs, "C'mon Back to Bowling Green".

Onward,  tomorrow I am off work - so likely there will not be a shuffle.  Partially for that reason and partially because I have not yet created a Throwback Thursday Playlist on my new phone yet, I decided to shuffle today from the "New Music" playlist.  Let's go!

"Sara Rose" by McNary

The first of two songs from Above the Trees (and our last two to feature from that album).  Tim McNary is one of my favorite local songwriters and Above the Trees remains high on my list of favorites for 2016.  

"A House Called Hungry Bend" by Jesse and Noah

Next, another from the new album by Jesse and Noah.  Southern Usonia   I am still just digging into this album, but I am really enjoying it so far.  Great songs, great sound.  See them live if you get the chance. 

"Missus" by McNary

Here is that second song today from Tim McNary.  Struck again by his distinctive voice which he uses to great effect. 

"Pennies On The Shore" by 2 Ton Bridge

Another great one from the 2 Ton Bridge album.  2 Ton Bridge is singer-songwriter Alexander Wright.  The album was co-produced by Marvin Etzioni.  Lovely background vocals on this song.  The lyrics are powerful - see the lyric video in the Video Playlist below. 

"Swordfish" by Darrin Bradbury

In the wake of the news of this week, Darrin Bradbury has been leaning into his role as folksinger in troubled times. This is very good news. This is one of my favorite Darrin Bradbury songs - from his recently released "Elmwood Park..." album.  The video is from a fairly recent show at The Basement East - as recorded by my friend Crystal. 

"Waiting to Give" by Gabrielle Louise (with FY5)

How about this lovely song from Gabrielle Louise's If the Static Clears album. On this track, she is joined by F Y 5 - who like Louise hail from Colorado and play bluegrass/folk music.  F Y 5 are lead by Mike Finders and Erin Youngberg. 

"Garrison's Trip (Part I)" by The Vondrukes

Yesterday, in a post about The Poorhouse Says, I mentioned The Vondrukes, and here they are in today's shuffle.  This first of two part song takes us half way through a long, strange trip... 


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