Monday, November 14, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Voice in the Parking Lot Mix

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Well had some technical difficulties today, so this post is late, and it going to be a little quick because I am going out later to see Megan Palmer, Nellie Clay, and Courtney Marie Andrews at City Winery.  You should, too, if you are in Nashville and free.

The WXNA Pledge Drive is underway.  For those of you not in Nashville, it is hard to describe how important this station is to the city.  There was a huge gap in the Nashville landscape, and WXNA has filled that gap. If you are in Nashville and by any chance haven't tuned in it's on 101.5FM or anywhere at or via the TuneIn app.  And if you feel so moved, join Team WXNA. You can do so by calling 615-933-9962 or by going to and hitting the DONATE button. 

It is Monday, and we have some Music City centric music to get the week off to a good start.

"Short Haired Woman Blues" by Dave Rawlings Machine

It's hard to think of better way to start the week than with a song by Dave Rawlings Machine from the most excellent Nashville Obsolete.  One of this city's treasures  to be sure.

"Better the Devil" by Renee Wahl

One of my favorite local artists, Renee Wahl is up next with a song from her new EP Sworn Secrets which is part one of a two part project. 

"Diamonds and Gold" by Don Gallardo

The hits keep coming. I have really fallen hard for Don Gallardo's music especially over the last several months - having had the chance to see him live a number of times.  His new album Hickory is top-notch - easily one of the best of a great year for music.  Diamonds and Gold is gem on that record.

"Mr. Rodriguez" by rayLand Baxter

Another excellent artist who Nashville is lucky to call local. Rayland Baxter or however his name is stylized... Imaginary Man is his latest album. This song came to us via a really awesome compilation put out by Noisetrade and Nisolo.  

"Burning Star" by Tim Easton

Next up another one from Tim Easton's latest American Fork.  Julie Christensen, Sergio Webb, and Chris Tench performed a cover of this song this past Saturday on Nashville U on WXNA during an interview segment with Gina Frary Bacon, and I was fortunate enough to watch and listen to them rehearse the song on the porch at Frothy Monkey after Double Shot and before they went on the air. This is a favorite of mine from the new record.

"Ole Slewfoot" by BR5-49

Some live BR5-49 from the Live at Robert's Western World albun.  BR5-49 were a major part of the 1990s revival of Lower Broadway in Nashville.  One of the best this city has ever produced. 

"Soybeans, Cotton and Corn" by Tim Carroll

"The Crowd Wants Blood" by Tim Carroll

We close things out in fine style with a two-fer from Tim Carroll's 2009 album, All Kinds of Pain.  "Soybeans Cotton and Corn" was featured on Double Shot this past Saturday.  (I could not find a video for it so I posted one from Carroll's recent Music City Roots appearance).  I did find a video for "The Crowd Wants Blood" which I believe was recorded at The 5 Spot where Tim Carroll holds court virtually every Friday.  For me, it is a must see event for out-of-town guests, and a great hang for us locals. 

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