Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Sun's Coming Up Mix

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Okay. I'm a little short on time.  First of all, last night as I posted, I went to see Megan Palmer, Nellie Clay, and Courtney Marie Andrews at The City Winery.  They performed in the round, and it was a really great show.  I have been a fan of Palmer and Clay for some time, but I believe it was my first time seeing Courtney Marie Andrews.  I really dug her songs, and the three songwriters complemented each other nicely.

Tonight, I will be in the WXNA studios to help with the pledge drive. There is some cool stuff (as always) going on at $2 Tuesdays.  Patrick Kinsley and a Fistful of Dollars are playing and promise some new material.

On to the shuffle...

"Joey" by Darrin Bradbury

 First up, Darrin Bradbury's song about a booker for a nightclub from Elmwood Park. Featuring a soliloquy by John McCollum. 

"Bounce" by Ugggy (prod. Fuzzcoil)

Ugggy from Valuled Customer gets bouncy with a track from his Legends of the SmoKe mixtape. 

"A Little Stronger" by John Paul Daniel

Another excellent song from John Paul Daniels' All is Well album.

"The Parade" by And the Echo

The first of two from synth-pop duo And the Echo from Oxford, MS. From the album And the Echo. 

"Money Mouth" by Brian Wright

Brian Wright puts his money where is mouth is... with a great track from The Sneak-Ups. 

"Midway Motel" by Adeem the Artist

One of my favorite songs - or at least the one that gets to me the most - from Kyle Adem is Dead.  Adeem the Artist is out of Knoxville. 

"Made a Choice" by The Rosellys

Our first listen to The Granary Sessions from this Alt-Country band from the UK.  Don Gallardo put them on my radar. 

"Sw33t Sixt33n" by And the Echo

Our second track from And the Echo.  They will be in Nashville right after Thanksgiving - at the Basement on November 26.

"Everybody Has A Purpose" by Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke

And we close things out with the title track from the latest album by award winning duo, Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke.  Music with a purpose and meaning. 


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