Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - The Sprinklers Wept Mix

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Well, it is election day here in the US.  I say, go vote.  E2TG will remain a safe space from politics today.  Not because this election is not important.  I think it is. Not because I am apolitical. I'm not.  I just think right now, there is enough political "stuff" around - if you are seeking that out, I think you will find it.  I believe in love and I believe in music. And if you think by saying "I believe in love" that I am being "political" then you may have identified the problem....  Be good to each other. Not just today.

We have some music from our newly reconstituted "New Music" playlist. Let's do this!

"Elmwood Park" by Darrin Bradbury

First up the title track from the incredible new album by E2TG favorite (and our most tagged artist ever), East Nashville's (by way of Jersey, by way of Virginia, by way of the blue highways) own Darrin Bradbury.  I could not find a video for this song, so if you want to hear it, go buy this album.  You should have it already.  Elmwood Park is a powerful song that sets a lovely, peaceful and familiar scene and then rips it apart suddenly and violently. It is like life, I think.  

"Can't Help But Feel" by Jon Worthy

Second day in a row, we have a track from the new Jon Worthy album, May You Live Happily Ever After.  This album is rapidly moving up on my list of favorites of 2016. Check it out.

"Sweet Fire" by Jesse and Noah

It's not Music City Monday, but this is our third Nashville act of the shuffle.  E2TG faves Jesse and Noah are back with a new album called Southern Usonia. The video is for the first single from the album.  Check it out in the video playlist below.  I am just digging into this album, but I am digging it so far. 

"Sunday Morning" by Richard Barone (feat. Jenni Muldaur)

Breaking the Nashville run, we have another track from the amazing new album by Richard Barone.  Sorrows and Promises: Greenwich Village in the 1960s is an entertaining and informative look back at an incredible moment in time and space.  This is a cover of one of my all-time favorite Velvet Underground songs.  Jenni Muldaur is the daughter of Geoff and Maria Muldaur. 

"Please Don't Rush Me" by Crackerboots
"Choo-Choo" by Crackerboots

Two in a row from Love, Crackerboots.  Crackerboots features Bill Demain and Luella backed by incredible musicians.  They recently completed an October residency at The 5 Spot. They are starting a series of house shows this week in Inglewood. 

"Hanging By A Thread" by Tim Lee 3

Long-time E2TG favorites Tim Lee 3 just released their last album Tin, Man - marking their 10th year as a band. They recently announced an indefinite hiatus for TL3, but fret not, Tim and Susan will be doing more BARK shows - including one in Nashville a week from Saturday.  Tin, Man is out now and get on that.  And to repeat the message from yesterday, a Happy 35th Anniversary to Tim and Susan Lee!  Also, a somewhat appropriate song for today.

"Last Goodbye" (Instrumental) by Danielle French

Also - hopefully not - somewhat appropriate, we go out today with Danielle French and a lovely instrumental. "Last Goodbye" sends us off for the day. 


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