Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Satellites Fade Mix

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Well it is Tuesday or since it is Thanksgiving week, I like to think of it as Thursday.

Recorded a future Double Shot show last night that will air the first Saturday of December. It is going to be a good one.  This Saturday, we will be live playing songs dedicated to holiday travelers. Called "Highway and Bi-Way (or To Grandmother's House We Go).

Staying busy and trying to think about this years' Earie Awards without getting overwhelmed - it has been an amazing year for music (don't let anyone tell you different). 

Shuffling today from the "New Music" playlist for Trending Tuesday.  Let's go...

"Forty Days" by Phil Rudd

We begin with some hard rock from the former drummer of AC/DC from his recent solo album Head Job.

"When the World Wakes Up" by Don Gallardo

A great morning song from Don Gallardo's Hickory album.  Two days in a row with songs from Don Gallardo. I have no complaints. 

"Open My Eyes" by Fendrick and Peck

A highly topical and important song for everyone to hear from this Wisconsin based hard traveling husband and wife duo from their latest album, The Sandhill Crane. 

"Faithless Eyes" by The Coal Men

For some reason, the shuffle has been stingy in offering up cuts from The Coal Men's new album, Pushed To The Side. I need to have a talk with the shuffle function about this because this is one of the best albums of what (as I said earlier) has been a great year for music. 

"Sounds of Our Home" by Charlie Hager

Going back a little ways - to earlier this year, Charlie Hager's American Saga is understated, honest, and wonderful. Another on my elusive best of list for 2016.

"Devil Provides" by Tim Carroll

Always a highlight of his live shows - including his weekly Rock 'n' Roll Happy Hour at The 5 Spot every Friday... this track is included on Carroll's latest album, It's All Politics. 

"Everywhere At Once (Love Is)" by Darryl Purpose

For many people 2016 has been a rough year. I count myself in that company, but one thing I can say about this year is that it is the year I discovered Darryl Purpose. Purpose has a distinctive and effective voice, and I mean that both in the lyrical sense as well as the vocal sense. There is a calmness in his vocals that belies the deep and moving words that he is singing.  Really happy to have become aware of his music. 

"Kick the Can" by Tim Carroll

And we close out this Tuesday shuffle with our second track from Carroll's It's All Politics album.  This is a newer song (at least for me) to the prolific Tim Carroll repertoire, and it has rapidly become a favorite (among many).


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