Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Fly Fly Away Mix

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Well, it is mid-week.  After helping out with the WXNA Pledge Drive (jump on that if you haven't), I headed out to $2 Tuesday.  Derek Hoke was out of town, so DJ Tim Hibbs was hosting.  Highlights: Jennifer Nicely, Patrick Kinsley and a Fistful of Dollars, The Stoop Kids, plus special surprise guests - Caitlin Rose and Daniel Romano.

Tonight, Allen Thompson Band are playing the early show at The 5 Spot, and I have a late night shift at WXNA.

Tomorrow Night: Jon Latham and Harrison Whitford open for Bobby Bare, Jr.

On Wednesday, we go wild... I think this shuffle meets that criteria. 

 "Beach Blanket" by Mike Watt and the Secondmissingmen

We start out with Mike Watt with one of his rotating backing bands doing a cover of a JFA (Jodie Foster's Army) song from a tribute album.  JFA are a hardcore punk band based out of Arizona and Southern California.

"Crawlin' King Snake" by Peter Green Splinter Group

Next up, a cover of the John Lee Hooker/Bernard Besman song by this band that was led by Peter Green who was a founding member of Fleetwood Mac before suffering a mental collapse. This band formed in the late 90s as Green emerged from his illness and recovery.

"Dirty Boulevard" by Lou Reed

Next up, a song from Lou Reed's excellent 1989 album, New York.  One of my favorite albums.

"Go From My Window" by Sally Timms/ The Mini Mekons

A lot of covers today. This is a cover of a Shirley Collins song. Shirley Collins was a British folk singer and part of the folk revival out the 1960s and 1970.  Sally Timms is a long time member of The Mekons.  The Mini-Mekons (and I may be wrong about this and there are people who read E2TG who can correct me) featured members of The Mekons plus Robbie Fulks.  

"Got to Get You Into My Life" by Brian Wright

And yet, another cover.  This Brian Wright covering The Beatles classic - from a tribute album on the 50th Anniversary of Revolver. 

"Go West" by Austin Lucas

Next up, we have Indiana singer-songwriter Austin Lucas with a demo version of a song that was on his 2012 album Somebody Loves You.  His latest album is called Between the Moon and the Midwest. 

"Half-Life" by Tim Lee

Next up we have some solo Tim Lee - from just before Tim Lee 3 formed.  With a song from his 2006 album Concrete Dog. 


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