Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Wheel Well Mix

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Wow. This is last day of November! How the heck did that happen. Well 2016 has been a tough year for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons.  November has definitely had its challenges for me personally.  But, just for today, things are looking up.  I feel completely unprepared for the onslaught of December.  Look for my 2nd Annual "Earie Awards" posts to begin soon.

Well after several days off, it's time to jump back into the shuffle. It is Wednesday and once again I am shuffling from all of the songs on my phone.  Here is the final shuffle of November 2016.

"Shady Birds" by Bay Kee

From the album Wonder Wild which was released back at the beginning of this year.  It looks like the Facebook page for this band, which recorded out of the Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen studio is no longer active, but you can still get this album on bandcamp.
"Carousel" by Don Gallardo

Another tune from the outstanding Hickory album.  This may be my favorite song of 2016.  At least it is the one that I find myself singing the most. 

"We Won't Rest" by All Those Ships

One of my favorite albums to come through the inbox this year... All Those Ships is the recording project of Brandon MacNeil of New Hampshire. The album is called Meteorology for Runners.  

"Just Get By" by The British IBM

One of the great things about writing E2TG is not only hearing music that I might otherwise not know about, but also the opportunity to introduce other people to that music. So, when I heard from a local musician/producer that he has become a fan of The British IBM because of E2TG, I was very happy. If you have not had the chance to give this band a listen do so. The album is called Psychopaths Dream in Black and White. 

"High on Tulsa Heat" by John Moreland

Next up we have the title track from last year's breakthrough album for singer-songwriter John Moreland. So good... 

"Burn Out Shoes" by Hard Working Americans

Todd Snider, like me, turned 50 years old this year, and he has been very busy. His classic album East Nashville Skyline laid the blueprint for the incredibly rich community in that part of Music City.  Hard Working Americans, Snider's band, released Rest in Chaos earlier this year to wide-spread acclaim. 

"I'd Do It For Your Love" by Dan Coyle

It's good to have a track by Dan Coyle come up again. From a release called Random Thoughts and Incomplete Sentences. Coyle has been an E2TG favorite for a while now. 

"Go Fuck Yourself" by Lola Dutronic

One of the fun things about the Wild Wednesday shuffle are the hidden gems that come up. I honestly do not remember when I added this to my collection, but I think I will be singing this to 2016 as 2017 begins.  Lola Dutronic are listed as Canadian/German. I know very little else - in my short attempt to research. 

"All the Time" by The British IBM

And we close out the day with another track from The British IBM.  Dig it!


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