Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - When the Darkness Takes Control Mix

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Hey ho!  It is the last day of my work week.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving or if you are outside the US I hope you have a great Thursday.

Since it is Thanksgiving time, I want to take second to say that I am extremely thankful for you - my constant reader, and I am thankful for all of the blessings that my obsession with all things music-related have brought into my life. I can truly say that the course of my life has been altered because I decided to start writing Ear to the Ground in May 2011. It is just about inconceivable for me to try to imagine my life without the people I have met directly or indirectly because of E2TG. So Thank You all!

Let's take this week out in style and get wild on a Wednesday!  Shuffling from the entire list of music on my phone.

"Db Cooper Blues" by Clint Morgan

Clint Morgan's Scofflaw album is one of my favorites of 2016.  This song, which I played on a recent Double Shot show, is about the legendary hijacker who parachuted out of an airplane and into modern mythology last century. I recently read that the FBI had officially halted any investigation into the case. So, if you are reading this Db, it is safe to come out.

"Looking For The Door" by Tim Lee 3

We have been spinning tunes from Tim Lee 3's latest Tin Man, but this one goes back to their previous album 33 1/3.  I got to see Tim and Susan as BARK on Saturday. Tim Lee 3 are currently on indefinite hiatus after 10 years as a band. But music from Tim and Susan will continue. Yay!

"Times Are Rough" by The Buddies

One of my most recent favorite bands is back in the shuffle. The Buddies are an occasional operating band that includes Nashville and non-Nashville members. Several of the Collins family (Smoking Flowers, Justin and the Cosmics) are part of this band. They have a great punk rock spirit, and their recently show at Radio Cafe was among the funnest shows I have attended in a long time. 

"Funeral Flowers" by Joey Kneiser

Joey Kneiser may be the hardest working musician/producer etc. in Nashville. His name keeps popping up. He is also one of Nashville's finest. His most recently album The Wildness came out late in 2015.  This is from a live album called Live From Standard Deluxe which features Kelly Smith. Joey and Kelly are members of the long running Nashville band Glossary. 

"Dust to Dust" by Sharone Digitale

From the depths of my music playlist, this is from an album, Music From the Film: Music City Underground which came out around 2011. I came across the album at a thrift store a while back. Featuring several Nashville bands - some of which I was aware and some not so much. I don't know much about Sharone Digitale.  They were a Nashville band lead by Sharon Lang, and their Facebook page has not been updated since 2012. Cool tune, though. 

"Big Sweet Life" by Steve Poltz

Steve Poltz is happily now a Nashville resident. This is a track from a tribute to Jon Dee Graham. Graham is a well-known Austin based artist - one time member of True Believers. He has since played with just about everybody cool.  The original of this song was on Graham's 1999 album Summerland. 

"Live and Let Go" by Everlost

Next up a track from Orlando based Alt-Rock band Everlost.  This is the title track from their full-length debut.  Give it a listen. 

"Down the Road" by Steve Earle

And we close things out in fine form, with a track from Steve Earle's debut album Guitar Town. This is the penultimate track from our revisit to that classic album. 


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