Wednesday, November 9, 2016

WTF Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Planet Earth Mix

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Like many (but not all, I know) of my friends, I am devastated and saddened and confused by what has transpired.  I am kind of, but not totally, at a loss for words right now. I do know this... I am not moving to Canada or anywhere else because of what has happened. (As tempting as that thought may be). And I hope none of my friends who feel so compelled do either (although as I said, I understand the thought). The fact is that right now, the very people who feel so compelled are needed now more than ever. Anyone in a minority (racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, disability) needs us.

Here is a little truth bomb.  That factors that lead to this outcome (be that ignorance, fear, bigotry of any kind, anger) those factors did not begin with one man - they were exploited and revealed.  Those who reject all of those things... we now have a better idea of how big a fight we have.

And for the record, to me, this is not about politics. I understand and respect that we all have different out looks.  I may not support fiscal conservatism, but I understand it and accept that it is a valid viewpoint. What I cannot understand or accept as a valid viewpoint - is misogyny, mocking the disabled, xenophobia, homophobia, racism, etc.).  Maybe, I am an eternal optimist, but I choose to believe that the majority of people who voted for that candidate (who opening displayed and supported those things) did not do so for those reasons directly - but rather for reasons I cannot begin to fathom but which I could at least accept on some level.

I also understand that not everyone who reads E2TG will agree with what I have just written. E2TG has always been and will continue to be about music and the power it has to uplift and move and comfort and to transform.

So, again, I turn to music.... I have not created (and may not create) a "Wild Wednesday" playlist.  Rather, today's shuffle includes every single song currently residing on my phone memory card.

Also, just for today, I changed the name of the shuffle... because, seriously, WTF!

"Gwan" by The Suffers

First of all,  the band name seems fitting... but more importantly, I dig this band. I saw them last year (2015) at Americana Fest and I was drawn to their music and energy.  They are from Houston, Texas. They are ethnically and racially diverse and they have a great groove.  I needed to hear this to start off this day. 

"Random Name Generator" by Wilco

Wilco just released their latest album Schmilco.  This one goes back to the previous one, Star Wars.  

"Come Back to Shelby" by Two Cow Garage

Two Cow Garage also just released a new album called Brand New Flag - which was recorded here in Middle Tennessee (produced by Todd Farrell, Jr. - who is now a member of TCG - and mixed by Joey Kneiser.)  This one goes back a few years to the band's 2007 third album, III.  If you ever get the chance to see this band live - do it!

"Planet Earth" by The Gypsy West

Sadly, an appropriate song... All about how, even with best intentions, our love of this planet sometimes (often) gets belayed by our love of convenience and technology and comfort.  

"... And I'm Sleeping In (Angels)" by The Defeated County

The Defeated County are from St. Louis.  Their most recent  album is called Bar Tabs and Baby Names.  I'd like to think of myself as an angel... but I do like sleeping in... 

"If A Frog Had Wings" by Saint Luke's Drifters

So, straight ahead rock and roll that would do Jerry Lee Lewis proud.  Trials and Tribulations was mixed by Eric "Roscoe" Ambel.  I love this album. 

"Rush to Wait" by Some Kind of Illness

Some Kind of Illness are from the UK. This gentle, meditative instrumental is from their self-titled album.  I just noticed that they released a new album called Souls back in October.  I will need to check it out. 

"Gatekeeper" by Tim Easton

As yesterday, we have a track from Tim Easton's new album American Fork. Easton is the kind of folk singer we are going to need more than ever in the years to come. 

"Light Beam" by The Poorhouse Says

Our second St. Louis band in today's shuffle. The album is called As Patterns Go.  More recently, we have featured music from an associated act called The Vondrukes.  The Poorhouse Says have a folkier sound than The Vondrukes.  One of my favorite "discoveries" of the past year or so. 


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