Friday, December 16, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Blue Valley Mix

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Weird weather coming this weekend - warm, storms, cold, ice... and that is just Saturday...

Just a note about the Earies and the coveted Artist of the Year award.  Last year, I held off awarding an Earie to the ultimate winner, Jon Latham until the Golden Earie (Artist of the Year).  I thought about doing that again, but since I have not decided on an Artist of the Year yet and with several in contention, I have decided to forgo that.  So - what that mean is that just because someone wins an "Earie" does not mean they are out of contention for the Artist of the Year award.  Thanks for playing and stay tuned.  All will be made clear as mud.

By the way, the preceding announcement may or may not have anything today with today's post.

It is Friday.  Shuffling from our "New Music" playlist.

"Small World/Big World" by Tim Carroll

Earie award winner and East Nashville favorite - Tim Carroll with a song from his latest CD, It's All Politics.  It's a small world, it's a big world....

"West Texas State of Mind" by Mike Cullison

EARIE ALERT:  the "On the Bus Award" goes to the Roadhouse  Rambler himself, Mike Cullison.  The first time I saw him perform (and I think maybe the first time I heard today's featured song, was on the Music City Roots bus which used to run from East Nashville down to the Factory in Frankling for Music City Roots.  Unfortunately, that service has been discontinued.  Fortunately, Mike Cullison put out an album called Front Porch Philosophy this year. The album was produced by the students at teh Art Institute under the direction of Mark Robinson. It sounds great, and I love the songs. This is one of my favorite tracks. 

"Goodbye" by Adeem the Artist

EARIE ALERT:  The "Rebirth" Award goes to Adeem the Artist.  If you have been following E2TG for the past several months, you know how much I dig the album Kyle Adem is Dead. The album marks a new beginning for the artist formerly known as Kyle Adem.  The album is among my favorites of the year, and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to get to know this fine Knoxville artist a little better. 

"Blue Looks Good on You" by John Paul Daniel

John Paul Daniel is an "Earie" winner. Man, I really dig this song!

"Down in the Valley" by Don Gallardo

EARIE ALERT:  The "Revelation Award" goes to Don Gallardo and every single incarnation of How Far West.  So, prior to this year (or maybe late last year - I forget), I was aware of Don Gallardo, but this year his music has exploded into my consciousness in a big way. His residency at The 5 Spot earlier this year, and the other chances I have had to see him live - including this past Sunday at 3rd and Lindsley have cemented his status as one of my favorite local artists (certainly) and favorite artists period.  His album Hickory which was released last year in the UK but this year stateside is a gem.  With songs that stay with me and keep coming back into my mind. 

"John Henry" by Taj Mahal (with Etta Baker)

EARIE ALERT:  For the first time in the long (2 year) history of the "Earies" I am presenting an "Earie" to an organization.  The Music Maker Relief Foundation is a great non-profit that provides real world assistance to legacy artists (particularly Piedmont blues artists) who have fallen on hard times. I am giving them the "Protecting and Supporting the Music" award.  In addition to medical and financial support, the organization works with the artists to record music and when possible to support the artist in playing major festivals and venues around the world. Several years ago, the legendary Taj Mahal recording with several of the Music Maker artists.  A few of the tracks have been released, but it was not until just this month when the full project - called Labor of Love has seen the light of day. Etta Baker was a Piedmont blues guitar player and singer who passed away in 2006.   

"Got Me Under Pressure" by Brian Wright

EARIE ALERT:  The first time I saw Brian Wright play - he was backing Darrin Bradbury at Fran's Eastside on one of those classic Wednesday night shows. I didn't know at the time that we was an incredible songwriter who had been signed to Sugar Hill records for a time. In the couple of years, since that  first show, I have come to know Brian Wright as one of the best contemporary songwriters working today.  At the end of last year, he released Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol 1. In 2016, he released The Sneak-Ups.  He also helped form Cafe Rooster Records - a co-op record label supported by and supporting many of the fine local artists making music in Nashville today. Brian has been touring with Aaron Lee Tasjan for much of the last part of the year.  His Americana Fest Showcase performance was one of the most energetic and powerful performances that I have ever seen.  I couldn't decide what to call his award, so I am borrowing one of his song titles and giving him the "Glory Hallelujah" award.  Today's track is the only cover on The Sneak-Ups.  I couldn't find a video of this song - so I posted the original by ZZ Top along with a recent live clip of Brian Wright doing a Woody Guthrie song which appeared on Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol 1 album.  Wright also has a birthday very soon, so Happy Birthday!

"Anyway" by J.R. Wyatt

And we close out the week with another excellent track from Staying Gold by "Earie" award winner J.R. Wyatt.  

Only seven or eight more regular shuffles to go in 2016.  Stay tuned. 


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