Monday, December 5, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Gardens of Stone Mix

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Here we go.  I have a few more "Earies" to give away embedded below.  Remember, just because I do not award an "Earie" in one post does not necessarily mean the artist/band will not win one. Just saying. 

Also, a note.  For the first time in recent memory, there is some lobbying/interest in the Artist of the Year Award. What I can tell you is that I have not reached a decision about that yet. Some names are being thrown around by myself and others, and for sure, there are several worthy candidates - including some dark horses.  Stay tuned.

Monday brings out Music City Monday shuffle - let's do it!

"Take That" by Joanna Barbera

EARIE ALERT:  East Nashville singer-songwriter Joanna Barbera recently released Imago - a six song release.  This our first official E2TG listen. I am awarding her the "No More Silence Award" Barbera hosts a monthly event at The 5 Spot called Songs Not Silence which in the past has benefited great organizations like Thistle Farms/Magdalene.  Proceeds from this Wednesday night's event will benefit Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline Opposition. Expect to see many artists speaking up and out about things, and putting on shows like this. Joanna Barbera has been doing it for some time. By the way, I am really digging Imago, and I hope to be posting much more soon. 

"Overture/Noise Farm" by 2 Ton Bridge

EARIE ALERT:  Today we have a brief instrumental "Overture" to the album 2 Ton Bridge.  This is the project of singer-songwriter Alexander Wright. 2 Ton Bridge has been one of my favorite albums of the year.  I am awarding him the "Slow Down and Pay Attention Award" - the title of the album and band is from a small one lane bridge. 

"If Only" by Michaela Anne

East Nashville artist, Michaela Anne from her excellent album Bright Lights and The Fame which was released back in May. One of the best from this very vibrant music community. 

"Flowers Won't Grow (In Gardens of Stone)" by Don Williams

Country Music living legend Don Williams is up next with a track from his 1989 album One Good Well.  One of the most distinct voices in Country Music history.

"Midnight Sounds" by Don Gallardo

Have no doubt... Don Gallardo will win an Earie. Spoiler Alert, I guess. But I am holding off for now... Here is what I can say, very rarely, new music comes along that seems so perfect, so familiar that it is hard to imagine that it did not exist (or that I was not aware of it until the moment of "discovery").  Several songs on Don Gallardo's new album, Hickory, are like that for me. Including this song which I have heard a few time now, but which from first hearing it - seemed like a song I have known my whole life. 

"Speeding Like a Demon" by The Coal Men

EARIE ALERT:  "The Digging For It" Award goes to Dave Coleman and The Coal Men.  The band name is partially a play on Coleman's name, but for me it brings about the image of someone who digs and digs only to finally strike a rich vein. With their new album, Pushed to the Side, The Coalmen has hit upon something good. Dave Coleman is one of the hardest working musicians/producers I know.  

"I Am An Angel" by Julie Christensen

Julie Christensen officially released The Cardinal with her East Nashville band, Stone Cupid.  This lovely song is from an earlier release called Soul Driver.  Expect an Earie to be forthcoming for Julie and company soon. 

"Car Alarm" by Tom Schreck

EARIE ALERT:  "The Outsider's Outsider" Award goes to Tom Schreck. He bills himself as the Nashville Outsider, and he definitely marches to beat of his own drummer (or penny whistle, as the case may be).  He also is a tireless champion of his fellow "outsiders" - hosting several songwriting events around the town. This song, which you may have heard on a recent Double Shot show, is from his album Save Your Glory. 

"The Good Ones" by Joey Kneiser

EARIE ALERT:  "The Workhorse" Award goes to Joey Kneiser of the Nashville band Glossary - simply because his name seems to keep showing up everywhere - producing, engineering, and playing on several high profile projects while releasing his own amazing album, The Wildness late last year. This version of "The Good Ones", which is on The Wildness, comes from a live album called Live From Standard Deluxe and features Kelly Smith, also from Glossary.


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