Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tinsel Thursday Morning Shuffle - Christmas, Daddy-O Mix

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Okay - I am running short on time - so I will defer the Earies until tomorrow.

I decided for the last part of the year to add a bunch of holiday-themed music to my phone, and since I have not created a Throwback Thursday playlist - I created a Christmas/Holiday playlist which I am shuffling from today...

"Santa Came Home Drunk" by Clyde Lasley and The Cadillac Baby Specials

Several of today's songs come from a mixtape/compilation I got a couple of years ago called All Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree.  That includes this song whose lyrics contain a listing of several different brands of alcohol.

"Winter Wonderland" by Annie Sellick

From her 2014 Christmas album, Let's Make a Christmas Memory.  A holiday classic.

"Christmas Eve Can Kill You" by The Everly Brothers

If you're a hitchhiker.  Written by Dennis Linde - from the 1972 album Stories We Could Tell. 

"Let Me Hang Your Stockings in Your Christmas Tree" by Roosevelt Sykes

A nice blues song about helping someone decorate for Christmas... I think... 

"Santa's Doing The Horizontal Twist" by Kay Martin and Her Body Guards

Now, Santa's dancing... I think... or is it Santa? From 1972.

"Santa Do the Mambo" by Big John Greer

Santa is dancing again. The Mambo this time. 1954 was the year.

"Shepards" by Bruce Cockburn

From Cockburn's now classic 1993 album which features traditional and original songs - this is a Cockburn composition. Lovely. 

"Mr. Santa Claus" by Nathaniel Mayer

An Rhythm and Blues classic from 1962.

"Beatnik's Wish" by Patsy Raye

Santa goes Beat... Daddy-O

"Fantasy" by Batkhi Dahn

From E2TG favorite off their Christmas EP.  I couldn't find a video - so I posted a video of Hayden Nork breaking an egg...

"Trim Your Tree" by Jimmy Butler

More holiday decorating... I think.. or maybe not.... 


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