Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Factory of Fantasies Mix

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Okay... so the bluetooth issue is getting annoying.  Last night, I cleared some cache thing that seemed to help, but no, this morning bluetooth kept shutting down again. Open to suggestions.

Anyway, I did power through for our Trending Tuesday shuffle - on a cold raining morning in Nashville....


"Number One" by The Rosellys

Don Gallardo introduced me to The Rosellys.  They are a British Americana band from Bristol. Their latest album is called The Granary Sessions.  This is a track from that album. 

"Lodger" by Tim Lee 3

"Earie" winners Tim Lee 3 with another track from Tin Man. 

"When I Get My Hands on You" by Phil Rudd

From Head Job - the long awaited solo album by long-time AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd. 

"Another Round on Me" by Gabrielle Louise

Another "Earie" winner - one of my favorite songs from If the Static Clears.  

"This is It" by Crackerboots

Two days in a row for Crackerboots.  Another of our 2016 "Earie" award winners. 

"Staying Gold" by J.R. Wyatt

EARIE ALERT:  "The Chameleon" Award.  For some reason, every time I run into J.R. Wyatt around town, it always takes me a beat or two or three to recognize him.  I thought it was me until it was pointed out that he often changes various aspects of his appearance. Regardless of all that, his album Staying Gold is one of the best of 2016, and his CD release show was one of the best shows I saw this year.  And yes, I did recognize him that night - eventually... This is the title track from the album....

"Grandpa Was A Coal Miner" by Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke

And, we close out today's shuffle with another track from Everybody Has a Purpose by "Earie Award" winners - Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke. An important and timely song. 


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