Thursday, December 22, 2016

Twas the Night Thursday Morning Shuffle - Later Like Dig Mix

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Here we go.... Only 5 more shuffles (including this one) in 2016.

First up:  A pair of well-deserved "Earies" (there will be one more embedded in the shuffle)

1.  The "Outcast" Award goes to Leland Sundries and comes as we received word that they recently signed a publishing deal with Mother West Records.  This New York band released their latest album Music For Outcasts this year, and I got to attend their Nashville release show at the Family Wash -where they tore it up.

2.  The "Key Chain" award goes to Amelia White.  Not only was the "motel key chain" among the best merch of the year, her latest album Home Sweet Hotel was one of the best albums released in 2016. This is one that seems like it has been out for some long that it almost slipped by me, but I do remember attending the CD release show (also at the Family Wash) earlier this year.  Amelia White is one of those performers that I never get tired of seeing live. Her fluid backing band, The Blue Souvenirs, are always on point and always feature some of this town's best musicians.

Well, this is our penultimate shuffle before we break for Christmas, so here is a holiday mix - chex cereal optional.

"A Christmas Twist" by Si Cranstoun

The newest Christmas song in the shuffle (or at least most recently released).  Eagle-eyed readers may recall that we featured this song in a shuffle a while back. It is included on Cranstoun's latest album Old School.  

"To Heck With Ole Santa Claus" by Loretta Lynn

From 1966, here is the Queen of Country Music with her Christmas classic. 

"The Christians and the Pagans" by Darryl Purpose

EARIE ALERT:  "The VOICE" award.  As I have previous written and said, I'm not sure why I am just now catching onto Darryl Purpose, but man, I am glad I am. His album Still the Birds is among my favorites of 2016.  His voice is soooo smooth and his songs are so rich.  And how about this surprise treat.  In digging around, I found this recording of Purpose covering one of my favorite contemporary holiday songs - written by Dar Williams.  That it came up between Solstice and Christmas is just that much more perfect. Given the tension at many holiday tables this year... this song is as timely as ever. 

"To Those Who Believe" by Annie Sellick

Next another one from Annie Sellick's 2013 (I think I wrote 2014 previously) Christmas album, Let's Make a Christmas Memory. This track is one of two originals written by Sellick and her husband Pat Bergeson. 

"I Saw Three Ships" by Bruce Cockburn

The first of three lively tracks from Cockburn's classic Christmas album. This track is  traditional Christmas carol that dates from the 17th Century.  Cockburn makes it his own here.  

"Garland" by Batkhi Dahn

The elder two Nork brothers (of "Earie" award winners - The Foresters) work together on this festive track from last year's Christmas EP.  They also worked together on the video featured - for the song "Yip". 

"O Holy Night" by Griffin House

Griffin House is a popular Nashville-based folk/indie/rock singer-songwriter. Here we have his version of the well-known carol which was composed in 1847 and based upon a French poem. This track is from a 2001 released by the Ten out of Tenn collective.

"Early On One Christmas Morn" by Bruce Cockburn

Another traditional carol from Bruce Cockburn's Christmas album.  Impossible to listen to this and not feel better... I think. 

"Santa Claus Blues" by Champion Jack Dupree

Champion Jack Dupree was a blues singer/boogie woogie pianist. He was a boxer in his youth (and encouraged by Joe Louis).  He won the Golden Gloves and other chamopionships and thus earned his nickname. 

"Santa Claus Boogie" by Hasil Adkins

Hasil Adkins was a singer-songwriter from West Virginia who often performed as a one-man band. 

"Mary Had a Baby" by Bruce Cockburn

The third track and third traditional carol from Christmas by Bruce Cockburn.  Another to get you moving.

"Cool Yule" by Tony Rodelle Larson and The Saints

A hep cat Christmas song from Tony Rodelle Larson and The Saints.  This song was originally recorded by Patsy Raye and the Beatniks who we had previously with another her version called a "Beatnik's Wish". 


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