Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wild Thursday Morning Shuffle - Complicated Mix

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I'm befuddled and bewildered... first of all, my bluetooth kept crashing on my phone.  I'm hoping the situation resolves itself because I have already restarted my phone, and that is about the extent of my technical knowledge....

Anyway, I powered through today's shuffle - from all the songs on my phone. The shuffle brought up some gems from the depth of my playlist along with some slightly more recent faves.

I'm going to skip the "Earies" today. I need to regroup and get a running list going so I am don't confuse myself.

Anyway - some upcoming events I wanted to clue you into... as always, this is not comprehensive and just off the top of my head -so sorry for any omissions....

Tonight: Fats Kaplin hosts the early show at The 5 Spot. His shows are always amazing. I had to miss last week, but I will be there tonight.  After that, the incredible Collins Family will be hosting their second annual Christmas Extravaganza also at The 5 Spot. Some pretty awesome guests plus Smoking Flowers all doing holiday tunes.  Benefits for that show are going to Standing Rock.

Friday: As always, Tim Carroll Rock n Roll Happy Hour goes down at The 5 Spot. If you've never been, go! If you've been, well, then I don't need to tell you.  A bit later Nathan Dohse of AGD Entertainment will be at The Country for his first live show in a very long time.  Closing the night will be one of my faves Patrick Kinsley and A Fistful of Dollars.

Saturday: The 11th Annual Get Behind the Mule - Tom Waits tribute and benefit for Second Harvest Food Bank is at The 5 Spot. Some awesome guests this year. Mary Sack puts on a a great show.

Sunday:  Don Gallardo will be opening for SHEL at 3rd and Lindsley for the long running Nashville Sunday Night show and broadcast.  A bit of trivia - SHEL was the band that was playing at The 5 Spot right after I met Darrin Bradbury in person for the very first time.

On to the shuffle:

"Tell Me What" by Fine Young Cannibals

From the thrift store find - The Raw and the Cooked. 

"The Last Pharaoh" by Dave Rawlings Machine

The incredible Dave Rawlings Machine - from a birthday present (thanks Russell!).  By the way, when he is in town, Dave Rawlings will make the occasional surprise pop up appearance at some show or another. Nashville tends to spoil you or at least numb you to the appearance for really amazing people popping up unexpectedly.  But, I am always glad when Dave Rawlings shows up because he is so awesome. 

"All the Girls Are Complicated" by Laura Cantrell

As heard on last week's Double Shot - "Wild Women" show.  Laura Cantrell is a former Nashville resident - now in New York - I think.  She used to host a radio show. And, as I discovered in my research for the radio show, she got her start as a singer when she met John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants while in college. She sings on "The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)" on Apollo 18.  I absolutely love this song. 

"Turn Me Off" by Leapfrogtown

From the album, Dreaming in Public which came out back at the beginning of this year.  One of several great albums I got from my UK contacts.  

"I Believe in Love" by Ilana J

A track from the 2015 album Free Falling from the Ground Up.  Another UK Artist from, I believe, the same contact as Leapfrogtown. Dig her music. 

"Refugee" by Gavin Chappell-Bates

Another 2015 release and another UK artist. It's good to have Gavin back in the shuffle with this track from his album, We Are the Ones. 

"Eowyn's Song" by Cletus Kennelly and Lori Kelley

Cletus and Lori were a notable D.C. based duo for many years. Lori Kelley lives in Nashville now and is a great songwriter.  I picked up with CD when the duo reunited in Nashville last year. 

"Lo-Fi" by The Minerals

And closing out the shuffle - I actually had to do some digging for find out about this.  The Minerals are from Cardiff Wales. Their self-titled debut album came out in 2015. I could not find a video for this band at all. Not saying there isn't one... so, I have embedded the soundcloud for this song in case you want to listen.  I dig it. This was the b-side to a single called Ball of String. 


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