Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Domino Rope Bridge Mix

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Posting late because we had a Holiday Luncheon at work...

Well, my bluetooth worked like a charm this morning and then crashed after that... ug!

EARIE ALERT:  Just one "Earie" today and I'm doing it outside of the shuffle.

I'm calling this one the "XXX Award" - not for the reasons you might think...

So, if you have been reading E2TG over the last few years, this award will not be a surprise.  If you are new to the site, and you don't know about this award winner... well.... step right up.

In 2012, Big Wilson River was a Featured Artist (when I had such a thing). They broke up shortly after that (not because of that - I don't think)... Band leader Darrin Bradbury went solo and hit the road eventually landing in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Nashville - where he met folks like Tim Carroll, Tim Easton, and even Todd Snider.  (Not in the Wal-Mart parking lot, in Nashville - bad sentence sorry)...   I got a heads up that he was coming to Nashville, and I started checking out his solo work, and I was fairly well blown away.  In 2014, there was about a six week run where there was a Darrin Bradbury song in my shuffle about every year. He released several collections of songs/albums.  We finally met in person in May of 2014, and there was a time when I would see Darrin perform his songs at least two or three times every week.

By the end of 2014, it was clear that his star was on the rise, and I named him my Artist of the Year,  (The first solo act to win the award which used to be called Band of the Year - and still may be some day).  2015 saw Darrin live up to the promise, I (and others saw) - plus the release of The Story of Bob (with a familiar looking face on the cover).  2016 was a year of big changes.  Elmwood Park: A Slightly Melodic Audio Book was one of the best of the year, and Darrin toured quite a bit including some dates opening up for Margo Price.  He started the year with an awesome residency at The Basement East.  I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store.  Today is Darrin's birthday, and I am proud and honored to call him a friend.  If by any chance you haven't checked out Darrin Bradbury.... go do it  now!  The "XXX Award" is being presented today to Mr. Darrin Bradbury.

Only six songs in the shuffle because there was a 10 minute song and a couple of 4+ minute songs. It's all good,,,

"Change Your Mind" by Randy Weeks

Randy Weeks is an Austin, Texas singer-songwriter. This song comes from his album Sugarfinger which came out a few years ago - I am too lazy to go look up how many. It's a great album. Check it out.

"(Crescendo)" by Weird.

Weird. are an experiemental/alternative rock band from Rome (Italy that is). Their album A Long Period of Blindness came out in 2015.  I had not heard on of their songs in a while, and I dig it.

"Reach Out For That Rope" by Jeremy Nash

Jeremy Nash won an Earie in 2015.  He released his album Get Away Driver which was one of my favorites.  He is a New York singer-songwriter who lived in Nashville for a time. He has since moved back to the Big Apple, but I am fortunate to have met him and been introduced to his music.  This is a song from Get Away Driver.

"Domino" by Cletus and Lori

Cletus and Lori return to the shuffle for the second week in a row with one of my personal favorite tracks from their Lotus album.  Just a great song.

"Freesia/The Bond" by Nels Cline and Julian Lage

A 10 minute instrumental which came to me from a compilation for the 2015 Big Ears Festival. The Big Ears Festival is held annually in Knoxville, and it attracts some of the best musicians covering just about every genre imaginable. The composition comes from the 2014 album Room. The album was a collaboration between guitarist and composer Nels Cline who is a member of the band Wilco and jazz guitarist and composer Julian Lage.  A nice accompaniment to a cold and dreary morning walk.

"On Da Bridge" by Le Folli Arie

And we close out the shuffle with our second Italian band in the shuffle. Le Folli Arie are from Milano. We have featured them several times, and I really love their sound.  


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