Thursday, April 27, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - Pad Thai Mix

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Today is Topical Thursday (previously Theme Thursday or something like that - and changed for no good reason).  Ever since the beginning of this year, I have been running on one topic or theme which I have alluded to but never outright explained. Originally my idea was to change topics every month, but a combination of laziness and the continued relevance of the original topic kept me from doing it. Beginning next Thursday - if all goes according to plan), I have a new Topic for the month of May.  Don't get the me wrong, the original topic is still, unfortunately, very relevant, but I am starting to become aware that this is a marathon and not a sprint... Stay tuned.

One week from today, I will be writing to tell you about the previous night's opening ceremony of the E2TG Residency. Now, I am telling you that Mark Robinson Band is coming up in less than a week!  Time to get off the fence and solidify your plans.  Otherwise, you will be reading my recap and saying, I wish I had gone. You don't want that!

So, here we go with the topic.  As I have said every week since I started this process.. The connection between these songs and my chose topic are strictly made up in my head.  I don't pretend to know nor do I wish to imply that the creators of these songs had a particular intent for the song that coincides with my interpretation.  There.... A couple of longish songs - so we have a short but sweet list.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Corn and Juice Mix

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Okay, I'm going to speak directly to the "both sides are equally bad" crowd. Although, I do not necessarily agree with your assessment; in normal times, I can at least respect your viewpoint. And, I am not afraid to say that I am not always happy with the decisions, policies, and practices of "my side".  However, I think to continue that line of argument under the current situation is disingenuous. I need to say that if you are only making this argument on certain single-issues - then your argument may be accurate but flawed.  For people of color, for people with disabilities (and those who care about them), for the LGBTQQIP2SAA community, for people with preexisting health issues, for basically anyone who is not part of the 1% - I can unequivocally say both sides are not equally bad. I have always disliked the two party system.  I would love to see few strong third parties to emerge. Unfortunately, it will not be easy because in many ways the two party system seems to be codified both in actual code and in the wiring of most Americans. I'm not saying it can't or won't change, but it will not be easy.  In the meantime, I really would love to see people of good conscience of all political stripes to step forward against the dangerous direction the current administration is taking this country.

Despite still being tired from Monday night's late night, I headed out to $2 Tuesday at The 5 Spot. This weekly night - hosted by Derek Hoke with Tim Hibbs spinning tunes - is one of the best hangs in this town of great hangs.  $2 cover/$2 Yazoo pints and always great music.  Last night saw the $2 Tuesday debut of Jon Latham and his powerhouse band plus  Jacob Thomas Jr., host Derek Hoke, and The Royal Hounds.  All that and good hangs with good friends.  Can't be beat.

If you caught Jon Latham and company last night and were blown away, be sure to head back to The 5 Spot on May 10 when they will have a full set to spread out and rock your socks off. (Part of the E2TG Anniversary residency - all May long).

It's Wild Wednesday on the E2TG Shuffle.  All the songs... You know, sometimes Wild Wednesday produces an eclectic mix of music - covering widely diverse eras, genres, and geographic areas. Sometimes - not so much. I will let you decide for yourself which category today's shuffle fits.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle- Sacred Cows Mix

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You know, I keep saying this is not political, but until some more G.O.P. people grow a spine and speak up against the insanity, it does feel political.... And by insanity, I specifically mean gross incompetence, flagrant and unabashed corruption, just to name a couple.

Yesterday was an eighteen plus hour day that left me more energized than tired (we shall see how I feel after lunch today) After work, I headed to Madison to record a future Double Shot show (to air May 6), then I went to Dee's where Tim Easton hosted Madison Guild Monday.  Emma Berkey, Matt Haeck, Rayvon Pettis, Ariel Bui, Megan Palmer, Jon Latham, and more. Tim Easton closed the night joined by Aaron Lee Tasjan - before ALT performed two songs to close the night. (I know I left somebody out, too.  Sorry.)  I really fun hang. For those deep into the E2TG mythology, the first time I saw Aaron Lee Tasjan (and Tim Easton - I think) was back in 2014 at a 5 Spot Residency that Tim Easton was hosting.  That was also the fateful day that I first met Darrin Bradbury in person.

It is Tuesday.... let's see what is Trending at E2TG according to the random shuffle function....

Monday, April 24, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Downward Spiral and a Uphill Climb Mix

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Okay... Look, as I have been saying and saying... I do not like talking "politics" on E2TG.  Although, my own leanings are decidedly to the left, and I consider myself a progressive, I do recognize that there is room on almost any issue for differing viewpoints, and I believe that (at least in theory) our strength as a nation comes from working together to find common ground - even if the outcome is not ideal for either "side".  I also believe that the false "duality"of our current two party system does not leave room for nuances of opinions.  (i.e. you are either for or against something. No middle ground allowed).  However, where I feel I must speak out is on matters that I believe transcend (or should transcend) "politics".  Right now, there is evil in the world.  The rise of fascist and neo-fascists around the globe, the current situation for minorities of all kinds around the world... threats of genocide.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, look around. The United States should be a global leader in opposing this things, but as things currently stand, we seem to be supporting the oppressors, and we are doing own forms of oppression. It is the rights of all people - especially those who are most at risk that makes me take up time and space out of my music blog to speak out.

Nevertheless, the fact that it is necessary in 2017 to have a march to support science. When did science become a political issue?  (I am aware of the evolution vs. creation debates). When did suppressing scientific research and gagging scientists become okay?

All right, well, ICYMI, last night, I revealed the details of the final week of the E2TG May Residency at The 5 Spot in East Nashville.  I am so excited to have Amelia White and the Blue Souvenirs helping close out our month.  And, joining them, all the way from Washington D.C. will be Fuzzqueen.  Fuzzqueen is the current incarnation of Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray (who have been featured here for a few years). This promises to be, most likely, our most diverse night of music for the whole month.  Fuzzqueen has suggested that ear plugs are in order.  It will be a great way to end the month!

Meanwhile, it is Monday and we have a wonderful selection of Music City related songs for you...

Friday, April 21, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Walt and Manute Mix

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Well, E2TG doesn't have Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, or Sarah Palin, but we do have a hell of an impressive line-up for our May Residency at The 5 Spot in East Nashville.  May will mark the 6 Year Anniversary of the beginning of Ear to the Ground. That fact blows my mind. The decision to start writing the blog was something that evolved over time - from posting my morning shuffle on social media and as a result beginning to connect with people through the power of music. The actual decision to start the blog was (as I recall) pretty spur the moment, and to be honest, the name just popped into my head.  There are, as I have alluded to, other music sites and blogs that use the Ear to the Ground name - it is a good name. I think I came first, but whatever.  Over the last couple of years, I have been really pushing the #E2TG brand.

Anyway, the first four events have been created on Facebook.  The event for the fifth and final show is coming soon. I excited to announce it.  If you've been to The 5 Spot since Wednesday or if you go this weekend, you can get a sneak peek at the Week 5 line-up.

All of the shows will be fantastic, plus as an added bonus (sarcasm only slightly intended), I am going to start each show by reading some short selections of my fiction - including my novel The Drift which will be self-published soon.

Here are the announced shows so far.  I hope you can make to some or all of these.

Week 1  May 3 - Mark Robinson Band
Week 2 May 10 - Jon Latham (Full Band) with special guests
Week 3 May 17 - David Olney (Band) plus special guest opener Sergio Webb (Band)
Week 4 May 24 - Cafe Rooster Records Night (Sally Jaye, Brian Wright, Darrin Bradbury, and Jon Latham)
Week 5 May 31 - TBA  (a long time East Nashville favorite plus a special out of town guest with long time ties to E2TG).

Well, I don't know about you, but for me this has been a long arduous week, and today is FRIDAY!  Tomorrow is Record Store Day.  I am going to be hanging with my daughter, so I'm not sure what, if anything, I will be able to participate in, but there is a ton going on around Nashville and everywhere else.  In Nashville, my favorite radio station will have a presence at several of the venues. I remember when RSD in Nashville was only Grimey's and even then was not that big a deal.  It seems to get bigger every year, and the number of record stores in Nashville seems to get growing every month.  If you go, remember to pace yourself and stay hydrated.

On to our Featured Friday Shuffle:

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - Ain't Democracy Wonderful Mix

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Busy, busy...   Went out to see Jon Byrd and Byrd's Auto Parts at The 5 Spot. Really great set. Cool tunes, a great band. Wendy Newcomer joined Byrd to sing a few songs.  Great hang. Talked a little to Don Gallardo who shared some updates about his next album. This makes me really excited.

It is Thursday - time to head back to my Topical Thursday playlist of songs that thematically or titular-wise fit a loosely defined and unexplained topic of my creation.  The connections are in my mind only and really this is mostly an excuse to play some really cool tunes.  Read what you want into my selections, but I do not mean to imply that any of these artists mean for their songs to be interpreted how I did.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Happiest Corpse Mix

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Okay... still busy, busy, but I will really need to refocus my attention on somethings.

As the days and weeks go by in this new American regime, it is frightening to see people (myself included) falling into the illusion that what is happening is somehow normal or "politics as usual",  A foreign government meddling in and (at least) attempting to influence the results of a US Presidential Election is not normal.  A US President who tries to discredit the press is not normal. A US President who uses his position to boost the profits of his business while refusing to release his tax returns is not normal.  An Administration that repeated lies and then doubles down when the lies are exposed is not normal.  A President who gets his information from fringe websites and conspiracy driven television shows is not normal. White supremacists in the White House is not normal.

I just needed to say that...

Last night, I got to visit the Cafe Rooster compound and get a listen to what I think will be one of the best albums of the year  (Rayvon Pettis') new album produced by Matt Haeck.  Surrounded by the some of the best of Nashville music, I was blown away by the songs and musicianship and production of this record.  Stay tuned!

Speaking of Cafe Rooster Records, I am absolutely thrilled to announce that E2TG is teaming with Cafe Rooster for the 4th Week of the E2TG May Residency on May 24 at The 5 Spot.  Listen to this lineup:  Sally Jaye, Brian Wright, Darrin Bradbury, and Jon Latham.  $5 and you will be home by nine o'clock!

Speaking of the May Residency, I cannot believe that the kickoff show is just two weeks away!  Wow!  Mark Robinson Band will kick things off on May 3. If you've never seen Mark Robinson Band live, you are in for a treat, if you haven't seen this band recently, you are in for a treat, if you've seen them recently, then you already know you are in for a treat.  Either way, do not miss this one!

Today is Wednesday... Always a very weird mix of songs... today not being an exception to that rule....

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Mumblin' Mix

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Running very late.... busy, busy, busy... This will be brief, but here are some cool tunes for the day!  Hopefully, I'll have a bit more time for commentary tomorrow.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - This Heartbreak Town Gets Around Mix

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Whew!  That three day weekend went by way too fast... Deep into planning the month-long E2TG Anniversary Party in May (which will be here soon!), working on Double Shot with Joe and Sue, and getting prepared to self-publish my first novel, The Drift (Follow The Drift on Facebook!).  I did manage to get out a couple of times over the weekend. Friday, I met some friends at Dee's in Madison and saw Daniel Lawrence Walker, Russell Thompson, and a bit of The Hummingbyrds.  I was going to go to the Country to see Zach Parks, Zach Red, and Drew Kohl, but I made the mistake of stopping by my apartment and my busy week caught up with me.

Saturday night, I caught The Wooly Mamas and long time E2TG faves - Year of October for a smoldering early show at The 5 Spot. Then, I headed to The Country to catch Sean Quinn and the Tremblers, Josh Morris and The Green Field, and more.  Regular reader Sue will be interested to know that Sean Quinn did a cover of the Santo and Johnny classic "Sleep Walk". This song has been a staple in Mark Robinson's set.  While I cannot guarantee that he will play that on May 3 when he kicks of the E2TG Anniversary residency at The 5 Spot, you come see and find out for yourself.

Onward - to the Music City Monday Shuffle!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - What about the Minutemen? Mix

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Here we go... I'm gonna let my Topical Thursday Shuffle do the talking for me today.

Last night, I made it out to The Basement for an early show featuring three incredible songwriters.  Jeremy Ivey opened the night.  Although I had seen him before (at a couple of different shows at Dee's - I think.  On the prior occasions, I had not been able to really concentrate on his songs. Last night was more of a "listening room" environment, and I have to say, I was blown away. Really strong songs that were moving - at times gently humorous.  Count me as a new fan.

Up next was David Dondero. NPR called him one of our greatest living songwriters, and it was easy to see why.  I was introduced to his music a couple of years ago by Darrin Bradbury - who considers Dondero one of his biggest influences. It was clear that his songs were next level good. Again there was humor. To me it was like really good poetry accompanied by a guitar.

The aforementioned Darrin Bradbury closed this early show.  As long time readers may recall, there was a time a couple of years ago when I was seeing Darrin play at least two or three times every week.  Of late, Darrin has been killing it on road - with some high profile opening gigs for Ray Wylie Hubbard, Elizabeth Cook, Wanda Jackson, and Drivin' N' Cryin' to name a few. So, it had been a while since I have had the chance to see Darrin play.  He took advantage of this intimate setting to try out some new and newish songs - along with favorites like Elmwood Park and Myrtle Beach. The new songs sounded great, and I was reminded again why I consider Darrin Bradbury one of the best pure songwriters working today.

In other news, the details of the last two weeks of the E2TG Residency are coming together nicely, and I plan to finalize those announcements over the long holiday weekend (I am off work tomorrow).

Okay, as I mentioned, it is Topical Thursday.  As I say every week, the songs (more or less) fit my undisclosed "topic" but their connection to the topic is mainly all in my head.  Any viewpoint you may infer from this list is mine alone and may not reflect the viewpoint of the artists or their respective songs.

A really long song and a kind of long song mean we only have six songs in today's shuffle.

Let's shuffle!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Big Mouths and No Guts Mix

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Thought of the day:  Sean Spicer's comments about Hitler and chemical weapons, might be justifiably dismissed as "poor word choice" (albeit of epic proportions) if it were not for the fact that there are Neo-Nazis working in the White House. Context is important....
Just announced!  Week 3 (out of 5) of the E2TG Sixth Anniversary - residency at The 5 Spot will be:  David Olney  with special guest Sergio Webb!!!  Both will be playing full band sets on Wednesday May 17.  These are early shows that will have you home (or off to another show) early. I am super excited to have both of these legends on the same stage on the same night.

Previously announced:  Week 1 (May 3) - The Mark Robinson Band and Week 2 (May 10) - Jon Latham (Full Band) with special guests.

And we still have two more weeks to announce!  Soon!

Things get wild on Wednesdays... here is a random shuffle taken from a list that includes every single song in my phone's memory.  This one takes us around the world and back again.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Wind Together Mix

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Just for today, I need to find beauty in the world.  This is not to say that I am denying the ugliness or even to fail to acknowledge that my privilege plays a big part in my ability to "shut out" the ugliness and to focus on the beauty, But, just for today, for my own sanity and well-being, I feel the need to recognize and acknowledge all of the beauty.  Love is beautiful - no matter how it is expressed or by whom. Truth is beautiful - even when it is attacked and ignored. People are beautiful - no matter how society chooses to define them. Art is beautiful - regardless of its commercial potential. Clouds are beautiful - even gray and ominous ones. You are beautiful - regardless of what you see when you look in a mirror - not matter what anyone tells you, no matter how you feel.

In other (good) news, my line-up for the E2TG 6th Anniversary month-long residency in May at The 5 Spot has been finalized.  The final three shows will be announced very soon.  Don't forget:  Mark Robinson Band will be jamming on May 3, and Jon Latham (and his band) will be rocking the house on May 10.  A Music City legend will be headlining on May 17.  One of Nashville's newest record labels will be running the night on May 24.  And a local favorite and the current incarnation of a long-time E2TG favorite will be laying it down on May 31.  Stay Tuned and clear your calendar.

Okay - it is Tuesday. On Tuesday, we shuffle up songs from the "New Music" playlist and call it "Trending Tuesday" because "trending" is currently a trending word.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - 7 Hours Away Mix

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So, the illegitimate president's illegitimate supreme court nominee has been sworn in.  Great.. just great...  Feeling pretty disgusted with the whole thing.

Diving into Monday - a four-day work week for me... let's get this going.  Monday means time for our "Music City" shuffle. Let's go!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Downslide Mix

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Sleight of hand.  Misdirection. Distraction. The con men all use these tricks to keep the "marks" from seeing what is really going on.  Do not be mislead.  Keep your eye on the ball. Focus. Resist.

Meanwhile, here is a song from 2013 #E2TG Band of the Year - The End Men which is sadly relevant once again.


Okay. Last night, I headed out west - West Nashville that is... my first time at Betty's Grill. Probably my first show that far out west since Stone Fox closed. Pretty cool DIY venue.

A pretty cool line-up of rock and roll music - as the kids call it. Local band Sad Baxter opened the night with some grungy, thumping sounds. I dig them a bunch.  I had previously seen them backing up Bill Eberle at Andrew Leahey's CD Release show last August.

Next up was The Regrets from Brooklyn.  I had previously posted one of their tracks from a Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen compilation (btw, I don't remember all this stuff - the search box is my friend). I dug their music and expect to hear much more. The Regrets are currently on tour with another Brooklyn and MCFK related band, NO ICE who played next.

NO ICE is lead by Jamie Frey.  They are a six piece band and they pretty much freaking rock. The band includes Sam Braverman of Logan X* (whose latest release we are spinning these days). About NO ICE - great songs, great energy. I had posted about them before - also from a MCFK comp - but man I am a fan now for real.

*It was great to finally meet Sam in person. He played me an unreleased Logan X song which sounds amazing.  Look for new music from Logan X coming soon.

Closing the night was another local band, The Mumzees.  They are very young (of course - most bands are very young to me....). The lead singer was wearing a The Fall t-shirt - which was a good sign, and wow!  I don't get out to "punk" shows very often, and so, it is nice to be reminded that the
"kids" are still alright. It was loud and distorted and aggressive (at times), and it was awesome.

All in all, a nice change of pace for me, and nice to get out to a show - after spending most of the week working on stuff.

It's Friday - let's get right to the Featured Friday shuffle...

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - La La La Mix

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Been very busy this week on several different fronts, and as I was feeling a little bit stressed out yesterday, it was good reminder to reflect on gratitude.

Found out yesterday that NO ICE, and The Regrets - who are both associated with the Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen collective out of New York - are playing here in Nashville tonight - at Betty's Grill in West Nashville. Looks to be a pretty rocking show.  As always there is a ton of live music going on in Nashville, but NO ICE's membership included Sam Braverman of Logan X - who I have been writing about for nearly 4 years, so I feel I must take advantage of this opportunity to meet him and hear this music in person.   This will be the second Mama Coco's related band for me to see live in Nashville.  I saw Toot Suite a while back at The East Room.

It's Thursday again, and we return to our Topical Thursday shuffle.  The songs (or at least the titles or possible interpretations of the titles) fit a predetermined, vaguely defined, and unrevealed topic.  As always, do not infer and I am not implying that the writers and performers below - have any association, affiliation, or  that they support any particular viewpoint.  The shuffle is about me making a statement - as vague and murky as that may be.   Let's go!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - I Saw the Crescent Mix

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Okay - it's Wednesday. It's been a very busy week, and things do not seem to be slowing down any time soon.  But, it's all good.

Wednesday, we shuffle up every single song in my phone's memory and see what happens. So, these may be newer songs, random songs that don't fit another classification, "stragglers" from prior featured albums, things I don't remember adding to my phone, classics, favorites, and assorted goodness.  We call it "Wild Wednesday".  For one, the results can be pretty wild, but mainly, "wild" as in "wildcard".

Let's jump!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Squish Mix

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Today, I am thinking about something I wrote way back when this current administration was brand new. As time goes by, and things seemingly get worse and not better, it has come to my mind again.  The tendency to dismiss or distance once self from acquaintances or friends or even family members who support this current administration is understandable. And, I have not criticism or disagreement with anyone's decision in this regard, however, regardless of how we choose to handle individual and specific relationships, the fact is that as a nation - we must find someway to understand the thinking of those die-hard supporters. And it is a complex thing.. which I cannot even begin to address here. But, address this - we must. As important as it is to stand up for what I believe and to stand up for people who are genuinely and correctly frightened by current events - and all of that IS important. I think it is necessary to attempt to see what led some people to a different world view.

Well last night, I unveiled the featured artist for the second week of the E2TG 6th Anniversary - May Residency at The 5 Spot. It is 2015 Artist of the Year, Jon Latham who will be rocking the house with a full band set. If you haven't seen Jon and his band, get ready. It will be loud and it will be awesome!

If you are in Atlanta tonight, Nashville's own Benchmarks will be playing at Vinyl with long time E2TG favorite Killing Kuddles.

It is Tuesday, and here at E2TG that means we dig into our "New Music" playlist and find out what is "Trending"

Monday, April 3, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Take One Down Mix

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Daily (not) political post:  It occurred to me reading a couple of recent news articles that the current administration is the most transparently unethical administration in this nation's history.  Transparent is usually seen as a good thing, but the way the current administration is openly flaunting their ethical breaches is astounding. Where are those in power who are willing to speak up? It's not like there even needs to be much of an investigation.  They are not even trying to hide it....
Busy weekend... saw some great shows, missed some great shows, worked hard, rested, hung out with friends, did a live radio show with guest DJ Mark Robinson, announced the first week of the E2TG May Residency with same Mark Robinson and his fabulous band, and did some other things.

The rest of the line-up will be announced soon.  

Saturday night was the David Olney CD release show and pop-up art event at The 5 Spot with Brock Zeman and Blair Hogan.  Great music and a great time..

It's Monday, when we shuffle up tunes from our Music City Monday playlist.... let's go...

Friday, March 31, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Milky Way Mix

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Here we go... It is Friday...  and yes, a white supremacist is still holding a position of power in the White House - along with unqualified family members of President. This is somehow okay to people who believed this president would "drain the swamp".  If any swamp was drained, it was replaced with a cesspool.  Just saying.

Ah, but music.  Last night - one of the most rewarding and well-done shows of the year (and in a while).  Richie Owens celebrated 25 years of his band Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau.  The show opened with a reunion Owens' 1980s band The Movement. They sounded wonderful and really seemed to be having a great time.  It definitely took me back to my 30 somewhat years.

Next, the history of The Farm Bureau was told beginning with the original line-up and then past and present members entered and exited the stage playing music from every era of the band, the most recent line-up performed a few songs and then everybody returned for one of the bands signature songs that has spanned the band's history. Throughout Richie Owens narrated the shifting tides and times. Just about perfect.   The Farm Bureau will be playing Muddy Roots this fall, but otherwise, Richie will be devoting his musical time to Smokey White Devils and an acoustic project that I can't remember the name of.  So, in some ways this was a farewell show for now at least.

After I left that show at The 5 Spot, I headed down Main Street to The Family Wash in time to catch Megan Palmer with Jonathan Beam and Paul Niehaus - sounding amazing, followed by Russell Thompson with Sergio Webb plus David Conrad and Rebecca Weiner-Tompkins  (of Conrad y Skordalia), and ending with Sergio Webb backed by David and Rebecca.

The bad storms spared Nashville, and so here we are...

Show alert:  Tomorrow night - April 1 is the CD Release and Art Show for the latest album by Nashville legend David Olney.  Brock Zeman (who produced the album) will open and be joined by his regular sideman Blair Hogan.   You really want to be at this show - whether you know it or not.

It's Friday, and that means a Featured Friday Shuffle...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - I'm Wide Awake Mix

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Today I'm mostly gonna let my Topical Thursday playlist speak for me.  I will say that the world and history and many Americans are watching.  We are seeing those who are in positions to do something about the corruption and nepotism and dishonesty and... - and who are doing nothing.  Meanwhile, many, many people who are not in positions of power are actively resisting.

Last night, another really excellent night of music at The 5 Spot. Beginning with a full-band set from Adrian + Meredith followed by TV Mike and the Scarecrows (who were fabulous), Quinn Deveaux (who is now local - after leaving LA) also wonderful, and ending with the triumphant return of Buck n Stuff. I even got a shout-out from the stage before they did their version of "A-11", This will likely be the last time I see this band for a while - as 2/3 of the band are headed to Europe next week.  The American Legion recordings are being worked on - so maybe some Buck n Stuff recordings are out on the horizon somewhere.

Well... Nashville is staring down the barrel of some potentially bad storms this afternoon and evening.  But...

Tonight at The 5 Spot. Richie Owens and The Farm Bureau are celebrating 25 years of great music with appearances from the many members over those years.  As an added bonus, The Movement are said to be reuniting to open the show.  The last - and only time I saw The Movement live was Labor Day Weekend 1985, when my friends Boyd and Ron along with a younger guy named Greg drove from Cookeville to Cat's Records on West End (there is a bank or something there now) to see The Movement, Tim Krekel and the Sluggers, and Jason and the Scorchers.  I sure hope the weather cooperates and that I am not huddled in an interior space.

After that show, the Family Wash is to be my destination to see Russell Thompson, Megan Palmer, and Sergio Webb.

Okay - time to move on to the Topical Thursday shuffle.  Usual disclaimers... I have a topic in mind, but I'm not explaining it.  The songs may only fit due to an alternate interpretation of the title, or some loose connection in my mind, or they may explicitly fit the topic.  In all cases, I am not implying in any way the artists/writers/performers share any particular view point.

Also, I think there may be some repeats from previous Thursday shuffles - I refreshed the playlist and may have added some songs back - whatever- they are all good songs and they all still fit the topic. Other than that - enjoy.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Lincoln Won the War-Weary World Mix

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Today on my mind is balance. It's something I very strongly believe in, and something I am shitty at practicing.  Work/play, political engagement/creating and cultivating beauty, pride/shame, spending/saving... I tend to live in extremes, and based upon my observations, I do not think I am necessarily unique in that regard.  To those on the front line of the resistance, my wish and hope for you is to find balance. To those consumed with fear and vitriol,   my wish for you is to experience the beauty and wonder that is around us and to find love and compassion within that wonder and beauty. To myself, my wish is to figure all of this out - even if it is just for a moment.

Whenever I allow myself to think about these things, I wonder if my diverse taste in music is off-putting to some people. I know, in the end, it really doesn't matter, but I do think about it.  Fact is, as much as I love certain styles/genres of music, the thought of limiting myself to a single style/genre is wholly unimaginable.

Wild Wednesday shuffles often showcase the diversity of my musical interests, and today is actually a pretty decent example of that.  The good thing about this format is that it is relatively easy to move past what doesn't interest you. My challenge, though, is to step outside of your comfort zone - even if just for a second and give something radically different a try.  This is something I have been trying to do myself - because in spite of my diverse taste in music, I am aware that I have blind spots and long-held biases around certain artists and genres. But, if I give something a legitimate shot - at worst the nature of my bias will be confirmed, and at best, I may expand my tastes into a whole new arena.

Let's shuffle...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Tennessee Sun Mix

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I have been getting some positive feedback on my recent spate of Op/Ed comments at the beginning of many of these posts. This has been heartening because - honestly, I don't like doing it, but at the same time, I know at this point in history - I must.  Honestly, there is a surreal quality to much of what has been going on with this current administration. And it's not good surreal (I love good surreal as much - or maybe more - than the next guy).  Yesterday - competing headlines talked about the President's son-in-law being questioned about previously undisclosed meetings with Russian officials AND this same son-in-law being appointed to a previously non-existent position with sweeping authority. In what bizarro realm does this make sense?

In better news, in the next week, I hope to be announcing most (if not all) of the musical artists who will be part of the E2TG 6th Anniversary/Residency at The 5 Spot in May. Go ahead and mark Wednesdays on your May calendar. I'm excited about this lineup. Expect surprises and maybe even giveaways.

It's Tuesday, I spent last night uploading a bunch of music into my phone's memory.  I don't think any of that music came up today, but soon.... Tons of great music being released, and a bunch of it is finding its way to my ears.

Trending Tuesday reflects a shuffle of my "New Music" playlist. This is primarily (but not exclusively) music that has been submitted to me. I also add some other notable current music just for variety.  Let's see what shuffle comes up with today...

Monday, March 27, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Word of Advice Mix

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Okay. I am back after an unexpectedly long weekend.  Fresh on the heals of the failed GOP Tax Cut for the Wealth (under the guise of a healthcare bill)...  as we celebrate, we must keep pushing forward. My (naive?) hope is that Democrats can seize this opportunity to work with reasonable Republicans to improve the ACA. I hold out hope (naive?) that a single-payer system is still a possibility at some point. Meanwhile, we must keep up the pressure to demand an independent investigation into the ties of the current administration to Russia.

I have tried very hard not to lose real relationships over political differences - even vast ones. But, I have to admit, it disturbs me greatly to see people still posting misleading and debunked memes about President Obama and his family. He was President - his record will speak for itself. I don't particularly care if you like him or not. How about telling me what it is you like about the current President? His many, many trips to his privately owned resorts at taxpayer expense? His administration repeatedly misleading the American people?  His broken promises?

Warning: "I love Nashville for live music" blurb upcoming:  On a Sunday night (last night), for $5.00 (or $7.00), a decent crowd (which included some really awesome people) gathered to see some songwriters make music.  Beginning with Joshua Black Wilkins (solo) playing songs from his forthcoming album Rogue, followed by Sally Jaye (backed by Anna Joy Harris on fiddle), followed by Jon Latham with a (loud) full-band set that included a powerhouse cover of Springsteen's "Darkness on the Edge of Town", and ending with Zach Schmidt (with a full-band that included 2/3 of Buck 'n' Stuff) playing some old and new songs included the live debut of his new electric guitar.   The quality of the songwriting and playing was remarkable.  This was a nifty cross-section of the incredible pool of talent existing in Music City these days.  And a good example of why I cannot think of anywhere else I would rather be at this point in my life.

Hey - we got some more "Music City" connected songs - so let's move on...

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - Say What I Have to Say Mix

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So - I'm gonna let today's shuffle do the talking...

but, I do want to report on another long but excellent night of music at The 5 Spot in East Nashville.

D.L. Duncan continued his month-long residency playing some great blues-based music. First playing accompanied by a snare drum - and then by a full-band including a wonderful horn section.  Duncan was joined for several songs by the legendary guitarist Jack Pearson.

The late show featured several favorites of mine beginning with Taylor Alexander - back by Jess Perkins on pedal steel, then Rocky Bottom, the always incredible Rayvon Pettis, and The Big Dumb - featuring Javi Jones and Anna Joy Harris.  I had never seen Javi in this setting, and I have to say I loved it.

Tonight, the Smoky White Devils wrap up their residency with guest Ted Drozdowki's Scissormen (next Thursday will be the 25th Anniversary of Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau.)

Onward to Topical Thursday on E2TG.  I really should write this disclaimer and save it and copy and paste each week... but here goes...

I selected a topic (its a a very loose topic) and I went through my list of songs and picked out songs that fit (seemed to fit) or at least struck me in the moment of selection as fitting the topic. I created a playlist with those songs, and every Thursday I randomly shuffle up songs from that playlist. At some point, I may change the topic.

Rule/Disclaimers:  I do not expressly state what the topic is nor do I explain why a particular song fits.  I am not in any way implying nor should you infer that the songs' writers would intend or necessarily approve of their song being applied to this topic. All connections are (or were) in my head. I also will not confirm nor deny if you  try to guess the topic.  Just sit back - enjoy and let you own mind make the connections (or not);

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Any Day Now Mix

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So, I have a serious question... with mounting evidence of collusion with the Russians to alter the results of the U.S. Presidential Elections and  the clear indications of officials lying about it, is there not anything that can be done to minimize the damage this administration can do before this matter is fully investigated and adjudicated? I'm thinking about long-term things like the Supreme Court nomination....

Man - allergies or whatever really laid me low last night.  (knock on wood), I am feeling better today.

Today is Wednesday - the day we shuffle up ALL of the songs stored in the memory on my phone. I call it Wild Wednesday.  Today we have some recent releases and some older releases.

Let's see where this shuffle takes us.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Looking at Their Phones Mix

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So yesterday, as I worked, I would look out the window and sea picture perfect day while I watched the temperature on my phone rise through the seventies into the low 80s. It was the first day of Spring, and it felt like it.  I hustled home and changed into shorts, grabbed a beer, and sat out on my back deck reveling in the sun and just right temperatures. And the the clouds began to roll in, and in less than a hour it was storming.  I guess that is Spring, too.

You know, like a lot of people, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the state of the world and this country, and our government. Sometimes, as I react to some new revelation, some new affront to decency, some new outrage... I find myself questioning if I am overreacting. Or perhaps more to the point, I find myself wondering if I am reacting to the right things. As I have said before, I NEVER intended, E2TG to be a forum for my political beliefs. I have always and still believe that this country is made great not by a uniformity of opinions and tenets and beliefs, but by the differences. I believe it is possible that not every belief or philosophy of mine is 100 percent correct 100 percent of the time.  Or that the "other side" is 100 percent wrong 100 percent of the time.

So, in the past two months, I have struggled to differentiate the "normal" political issues (some of which are very important) and this new "not normal" world in which we find ourselves. It is a difficult thing to do because the two are often intertwined. The current administration's ties to Russia and white supremacists - their outright lies and attacks on the press... these and more should transcend (D) vs. (R) or virtually any other artificial division.

I don't have a neat wrap up... these are just some things that have been on my mind. ****************************************************************************

On Tuesday - we shuffle up our "New Music" playlist - that is filled with (fairly) recent (including not yet released) music that has come to me by variety of mediums and people. It is today's glimpse at what is "Trending" on E2TG.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - It Runs Together Mix

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Watching with interest the testimony from the FBI Director to Congress. This are surely historic and terrifying times.

Friday night - took in a bunch of great music and celebrating St. Patrick's Day in a very traditional way. Tim Carroll Rock n Roll Happy Hour with Luella - always a great way to start a Friday.

Ben de la Cour, Clark Paterson, and Patrick Kinsley and A Fistful of Dollars were all wonderful.

I spent the rest of the weekend trying to catch up on some things.

Well - it is Monday and time for some Music City Monday tunes.  All artists with a connection to Nashville, Tennessee.  Go!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - The Swirlies Mix

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First of all a quick check-in:  Almost two months in to this nightmare. A white supremacist is still holding a major position of power in the current administration.  Programs that benefit the most vulnerable of our citizens are being cut, the billionaire first family is costing the taxpayers exorbitant amounts of money, the proposed Republidontcare plan will give tax breaks to the wealthy while forcing the most vulnerable to choose between eating and healthcare - if that even is a choice for many.  The administration believes it is okay to make wild accusations without a shred of proof. I could go on.... I haven't even touched on Russia.  How long will this go on, and how much more damage will be done?

Moving on.  I headed to The 5 Spot last night for the Smoky White Devils' residency show. Cody Brooks and Bee Taylor opened the show.  As I have written, I saw Bee Taylor last week, and I was blown away.  Cody Brooks played guitar with her for that show, but this was my first time seeing him do his own songs. I am a very big fan of these two.  Most excellent - rocking, soulful stuff.  A great start.

Smoky White Devils - well last week I mentioned the incredible combined experience of the members of this budding supergroup. Never mind all that, the fact is this guys rock! The music has elements of southern rock, roots music, blues, country and who knows what else.  What could be a clash of egos instead is a delightful combination of experienced and talented players.  Richie Owens, Peter Keys, Nick Kane with the rhythm section of John Reed and Shakey Fowlkes brought it hard and had The 5 Spot moving more than I've seen in a while at a live show. Word is they have been recording, so hopefully we will have some recorded music soon!  They close out their residency next week, and in two weeks is the anniversary show for Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau. Make Thursday at The 5 Spot part of your plans for the remainder of March.
Tonight is St. Patrick's Day.  Be safe and have fun.  If  you find yourself in East Nashville, consider The 5 Spot:  Tim Carroll's usual gig followed by a St,. Patrick's Day show featuring a few E2TG faces - (St.) Patrick Kinsley and a Fistful of Dollars, Clark Paterson, and Ben de la Cour plus The Eskimo Brothers.  Also, Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers will be at The Family Wash.  Everyone else is in Austin - I think.

We have some Featured Friday music that starts now!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - Just Like a Nitwit Mix

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No shuffle yesterday.  I blame Trump... No, seriously...

Appropriately enough, we return with a Topical Thursday Shuffle - continuing our broadly defined and unspecified Topic.

So, basically, in some cases the songs fit my topic - at least in my mind. In others I imagine some person or group of people saying the title in a specific context that would fit my topic.

As always, I am not ascribing any belief or opinion to anyone but myself...   Meanwhile, some cool music for a very cold Thursday morning commute.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Kryptonite Mix

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Pressed for time....

Here is the Trending Tuesday shuffle.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Don't Know Where I'm Going Mix

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Life goes on... even when living in insane times. Putting one foot in front of the other... moving forward even as the world seemingly spins out of control. It's what we do.

The utter disregard for the truth, the utter disregard for even a modicum of basic human decency, the way vile racism and xenophobia have moved out of the shadows and are not thrown about freely... it is all very disturbing.

As I have said, one of the more challenging aspects of this current situation is at once - recognizing that this IS NOT politics as usual - and all the while - fighting important political battles.  I will echo something I read - it is vitally important that the mainstream of the Republican Party stand in en masse against the most outrageous examples of what I have cited above. Until they do, it is too easy to confuse this with "politics as usual".  That being said, until that happens, all we can do is resist and persist. And, I believe that when this corrupt and evil regime fails (as all such regimes are ultimately fated to do), those who had the power to speak up and act against this evil and chose not to must be held accountable for their inaction.

Facts matter. White Nationalist have no business in the highest reaches of government.  Fascism is evil and must be resisted at all costs.

I had an enjoyable weekend with my daughter.  We did manage to make it out to see BARK at Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge in Madison, and we both had a great time and saw some familiar faces. I continued to be heartened by the way my community has embraced and accepted my daughter. Oh, and BARK were as wonderful as always.

Now, I jump into a new week, and I am feeling overwhelmed by the work I need to do.  As always, my desire to get out and see live music is at constant war with the need to stay home and get things done. I will continue to try to find the balance, and I will be grateful to live  in such a great city for music that I even have the opportunities to see incredible live music literally every single night of the week.

It's Monday, and we have some music to share which bears some connection to Nashville.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Piano on His Chest Mix

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Blah... it's been a hard week, but it is finally Friday.

Next Wednesday should be interesting downtown... I think some presidential candidate is coming to Nashville.  Funny, I thought we just had an election...

Well - last night was good for my soul.  First at The 5 Spot - The Mark Robinson Band were as entertaining as ever and they really seemed to push themselves to some pretty exciting new directions.   And then, I finally got to see Smoky White Devils.  I think supergroup fits.  They rocked the house with some groove heavy sounds. The bands members' credits include: The Mavericks, Raging Fire, The Movement, Dolly Parton, Lynyrd Skynrd, George Clinton, and Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau to name just some.

I left The 5 Spot and headed to The Family Wash to catch Nashville newcomer Rosa Pullman, Sally Jaye, and Megan Palmer.  Collaborations of all three women occurred through the night.  Sally Jaye was incredible.  Her band included her husband E2TG Artist of the Year Brian Wright - who I always enjoy seeing play.  Megan Palmer played some of my favorite songs of hers, and knocked it out of the park with her emotional song about her cancer diagnosis and recovery.

Much to recommend tonight - BARK are going to be a Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge.  Plus there is another show which is come up in the shuffle.  I will hanging with my daughter, and we will see what we are able to do.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - Pass the Wine Mix

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I need to keep things brief. I need to run an errand.  On my mind today is healthcare. First of all, the ACA or Obamacare. Do I think it is really, really wonderful? No. I would prefer single-payer. BUT, it is a vast improvement over what we had before, and there was simply not the political will to go further. It was a remarkable achievement that this bill even passed.  Meanwhile, the GOP had seven years to work with President Obama to make the bill better. Instead, they spend their time on meaningless votes to repeal the law. They had seven years to come up with a plan of their own, and now, they have scrambled to come with something and what they came up with will have devastating consequences. Look, healthcare is complicated. I think everyone except the current President has long understood that, and I do not have all of the answers. I do know that when the most vulnerable members of our society are suffering while insurance executives are making exorbitant profits and salaries and using some of that money to influence elected officials to maintain their advantages, them we have a broken system.  And I know that in the meantime, any plan that increases the burden on the poorest and most needy while increasing the profits of the richest and most greedy is contemptible.

It is Topical Tuesday.  I think I have explained this thing enough - but i will just clarify once more that these songs connection to my "topic" is strictly the product of my weird way of thinking. I  do realize that many of these songs are not at all about anything that would fit my topic.  Again, it's just a weird mental trick - title, possible interpretation - unifying theme.  Got it? Good.

Tonight - Smoky White Devils with the Mark Robinson Band at The 5 Spot early.  After that - the choices are myriad and there is much to recommend.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Shout Mix

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So on International Women's Day, I am thinking about all the rad women in my life.

I think it is ridiculous that 17 years into the 21st Century, we are still fighting for equality for all people. I am grateful for the people who remind me to check my privilege. Privilege - male privilege, white privilege, etc - this is a real thing. It's not a liberal talking point, As a person who benefits from more than one type of privilege, what is important is that I consciously consider that privilege when I am acting and speaking.  This may mean that I listen rather than talking or it may mean that I choose my words more carefully when I do speak.

Last night, I got to see Bee Taylor for the first time at The Basement East - as part of Whiskey Jam.  We had become acquainted on Facebook and it was great to finally meet her. I am now a huge fan. Wonderfully soulful music.

After that I headed to The 5 Spot for $2 Tuesday.  Several great acts, I saw Kristen Ford for the second time - awesome one-woman band - she uses loops to great effect. Fun.  Derek Hoke and band sounded great as always, and it is always wonderful to see Andrew Leahey and the Homestead kick ass.

On we go - into Wednesday.  This is always one of my favorite shuffles on the week.  The other days, features randsom shuffles for specially curated playlists.  Wild Wednesday is a shuffle of every single song in my phone's memory.  This means, on any given Wednesday, you may hears songs that do not fit the other day's playlist.  Or songs that inadvertently were left off of a playlist.

Enough blabbing - let's get on with the shuffle -

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Yesterday's Just a Song Mix

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All right. I am not backing down from talking about this corrupt and dangerous administration.But, I am taking a brief timeout.  I had a kind of crappy day yesterday, and I just don't have it in me today to be freshly outraged. To all who resist, keep fighting, and I will rejoin you very soon.  I just need a respite into music for a bit to recharge my batteries.
Last night, "Earie" Award Winner Taylor Alexander's blind audition for The Voice was aired.  He absolutely blew it out of the water with a surprise country cover of Cher's "Believe" that captured everyone's attention.  He is going to be on Adam's team this season.  Here is the video which has been viewed over 200,000 times.  Super proud of Taylor!

On Tuesdays, we spin music from our "New Music" playlist that consists of music generally released in the past year up to and including tracks from not-yet-released albums.   Let's see what the shuffle has in store for us today....

Monday, March 6, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Don't Go Downtown Mix

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Honestly, right now, I don't even know where to focus my outrage and frustration and utter disbelief that our nation has reached the point it has...  #Resist #Persist  - Take a breath when necessary. Refocus. Keep going. Still waiting for the GOP leadership to step up... waiting... waiting...

So... I am back after a extra long weekend. Took Friday off to run errands and rest up. Other than Double Shot on Saturday, I most hung after after Friday night.  Plans for E2TG's 6th Anniversary month at The 5 Spot are coming together. More details very soon.

On to the shuffle for a Monday morning.  As we always do, we focus on tracks with a Music City connection.  Let's go!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Topical Thursday Morning Shuffle - Tell Me Lies Mix

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So.... the chief lawyer for the country is not only a racist, ableist, transphobe, and homophobe, but he is also apparently a liar/perjurer and possibly a traitor.  Nope, nothing to see here...

and then there is this... (with a straight face)

1. The failure of the Yemen raid is Obama's fault.
2. The failure of the Yemen raid is the military's fault.
3  The success of the Yemen raid is Trump's accomplishment.

I had a rare opportunity to see six different Earie award winners perform last night - beginning at The 5 Spot with D.L. Duncan - beginning his month-long residency.  He was joined by the incredible blues keyboard player, Al Hill.

Next, I headed to The Country for the inaugural Writer Crush Wednesday which featured rounds from Tom Schreck and Connor Rand, Andrew Adkins and Joe Nolan, and Lindsay Ellyn (who created the event) and Taylor Alexander.  Really fun night.

Tonight, I am hyped to see John Doe at The Basement with Jon Latham opening.

I am changing my title of Thursday's posts to Topical Thursday.  Just because.  My topic (or theme if you will) continues into this new month, and I added a bunch of songs to the mix.

Disclaimers:  The topic is not revealed. The connection of the songs is tenuous and times and not explained.  It may not be the actual content of the song that fits it into the theme - it may just be a possible interpretation of the title.  And as always, the views expressed or implied do not necessarily reflect those of any of the artists.

Let's Go!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - His Home is Hell Mix

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Before you ask, I did not watch the presidential address last night...  Let me ask... Did he say that he was going to remove white supremacists from his administration?  Did he say he had made a mistake in appointing an Attorney General with an abysmal civil rights record? Did he promise a full, independent investigation into Russia's tampering with the election and his campaign staff's communication with that country?  Did he reveal a healthcare plan that covers all Americans?  Did he denounce the recent racially and ethnically motivated violence and vandalism that are being carried out by people who believe they are acting on his behalf?    What's that... no?  Then, I am really not interested in what ever b.s. he spouted.

Hey - shameless self-promotion time.  I am working to release a LONG, LONG overdue novel - sometime this year, and I just recorded a very short Intro - from the beginning of the novel.  Here it is.  More to come about The Drift...

Well - after a couple of nights staying in to work, my week of live music begins tonight.  Earie Award Winner (2015) D.L. Duncan begins his residency at The 5 Spot - early show.  Later, a bunch of my favorite songwriters (lots of Earie winners included) will be at The Country for a round.

Tomorrow night, I am so thrilled to be seeing John Doe at The Basement, and even more thrilled that 2015 Artist of the Year and 2016 Earie winner - Jon Latham will be opening the show!

Time for some Wild Wednesday tunes...

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Right Below the Shoulder Mix

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I have been thinking lately about the Will Kimbrough song, "Less Polite" (see right below).  Generally, I do believe in civil discourse about political differences. But honestly, lately, it is getting difficult. Don't get me wrong I am willing to have serious and civil discourse with anybody - across the political spectrum - as long as the starting point of that discourse is about how to get rid of this evil and un-American budding dictatorship.  I am frankly disgusted and appalled that more people on the right - of which I know there are some basically decent people do not stand up to this assault on our way of life.


Meanwhile, it is the final day of February 2017.  And it is a Tuesday when we present "Trending" tracks from our "New Music" playlist.  Shall we?

Monday, February 27, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - A Whisper in the Dark Mix

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Jumping back into the daily grind after an enjoyable weekend with my daughter and another fun recording for a future Double Shot show...

A quick reality check: Right now in America (2017), Customs agents are stopping domestic travelers and demanding papers.  Among the high profile people detained under the guidance from the Republican administration:  a noted children's author, an American Olympic medalist, the son of Muhammad Ali, and (chillingly) a note historian who specializes in studies of the Holocaust.  This is not the America I have known my whole life.

The Republican administration (which has placed white nationalists in positions of power) has made up three different "terrorist" attacks to justify a travel ban.  And, they have remained silent to real terror attacks by white nationalists on people of color across the country.

Resist! Persist!

Okay - to music...  First of all, because I don't get to say this every day - check out The Voice on NBC tonight to see and hear my friend and Earie award winner Taylor Alexander!

Reminder!  Details coming very soon, but #E2TG will be taking over The 5 Spot every single Wednesday in May (there are 5 of them). It's all to celebrate the 6th Anniversary of this blog.  I cannot wait to tell you who you will be seeing and hearing, but it's going to be great!

On Monday, we shuffle up songs from our Music City playlist - featuring songs with Nashville connections....

Friday, February 24, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Keep On Goin' Mix

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First of all, I need to offer all the kind words and encouragements for my recent run of commentary. Believe me when I say this is something I would rather not do. But, I feel it is something I must do.  I have tried my best to distinguish partisan differences which will always exist and always be up for debate from the far more serious threat to our nation and our way of life. The problem, as I see it, is that the more outrageous the words and actions of the current administration get and the more deafening the silence from many of the leaders of the Republican Party (save for a few brave voices), the more difficult it is to do. It is hard to unwind abuses of power, overt racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry from the policies that arise out of those evils. More to the point, when party leaders look past or ignore fascist words and actions for the sake of their agenda - it is hard to not harden your heart to that agenda - which may or may not reflect those despicable characteristics.  We are watching and we are speaking out. Customs agents asking passengers on a domestic airline to "show their papers".  State leaders voting to effectively make political dissent illegal, Executive branch officials asking the intelligence community to discredit the free press and to produce intelligence reports that support their agenda.  An administration that has made up three non-existent terrorist attacks and yet calls America's major media organizations "enemies of the people" and purveyors of "Fake News" which seems to be defined as any news that does not support the agenda of that administration.

So, yeah, I don't see myself stopping writing these relatively brief commentaries any time soon - although I really wish my reasons for doing it would go away and soon.


I had such a good time last night at the 10th Anniversary celebration for Jon Byrd's album Byrd's Auto Parts. The show - at the Family Wash - featured many of the players on that album.  The second set featured guest spots from David Raines, Amelia White, and Kevin Gordon. The night was a reminder of how great a music town we have in Nashville.

All right - well it is Friday and right now it is about 78 degrees on February 24 in Nashville. On Friday, we go back to our "New Music" playlist and we hit shuffle and see what happens. Here is what happened when I did that this morning....

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Theme Thursday Morning Shuffle - That Son of a Gun Mix

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So, I was thinking - I tend to do that quite a bit... These days so many of us are angry or scared or outraged or appalled or depressed or otherwise distressed... basically anyone who cares about: people with disabilities, the education of our children, healthcare, the environment, people of color, people who look different, the LGBT (etc.) community, the free press,  this country, the world... is likely feeling any one or more or all of those emotions just about every day.

And we are - and we are spurned to actions - however much or little we are able to do... but in the midst of calling our leaders and signing petitions and writing letters and protesting and creating art and writing about things we normally don't write about... take the time to love.  Love everyone. Love generously, love without limits, love yourselves...

It is okay to be afraid.  Fear is not the problem.  Acting based upon fear is the problem.  So if you are afraid - try taking some action of love - however small.  It helps.  (This self-reminder is a public service announcement from me)...


I had a blast at the final edition of Brian Langlinais' residency at The 5 Spot. Brian is awesome and he put together a killer band.  Adrian + Meredith and Fifth and Main provided support. The Gumbo and King Cake were incredible. The company was great.

Tonight, it is the 10th Anniversary of Jon Byrd's album, Byrd's Auto Parts at The Family Wash.  Should be a blast. Jon Byrd "Doesn't Rock Ever" but he does what he does better than anyone else.

It is Thursday - we continue our "Theme Thursday" series.  Songs loosely connected to an unstated central theme (even if the connection is all in my head).  Let's go!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Take the Elevator Mix

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Today what is on my mind is intellectual curiosity. I have heard this term used quite a bit recently, and often in the context of the current President lacking this quality. So, I wondered what does this mean...

"The intellectually curious person has a deep and persistent desire to know. She asks and seeks answers to the “why” questions. And she doesn’t stop asking at a surface level, but instead asks probing questions in order to peel back layers of explanation to get at the foundational ideas concerning a particular issue." from Psychology Today April 2014

So, I think this means (in simplistic terms): I observe something or get some information, and I first ask is this information/observation true.  And if it turns out to be true or accurate, then I begin asking "why"and I keep asking "why" until I get to the core issue/ truth.

So, how does this relate to our current administration.  "Immigrants and refugees commit a disproportionate number of crimes" - maybe this was said by someone or maybe I noticed when I read a news article about a crime - it often seems like the perpetrator is a non-citizen. Okay - what next.  An intellectually curious person would first try to get data and facts to support this statement or observation and then (IF) proven would begin asking "Why" questions and continue until reaching a core issue that can be addressed in a meaningful way.

As for someone lacking intellectual curiosity... well, I think we can all see what would happen next...


Tonight - Brian Langlinais wraps up his month-long residency at The 5 Spot. It will be a party and believe me Cajun's know how to party.  E2TG faves Adrian + Meredith open plus Fifth and Main (from Detroit) will perform followed by Langlinais and Earl 6. Not to mention a promise of Cajun food!

Let's jump right into the Wild Wednesday shuffle- true to its name - we cover a lot of musical ground today...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Everything Turns to Dust Mix

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Alrighty then, I am back after a long weekend.  As usual, I got a lot done and feel like I could have done more.  Saturday night, I took in Jon Latham, Josh Morris, and Sean Quinn at The Country.  Excellent music, and good times.

Sunday, it was Stone Cupid (trio with Julie Christensen, Chris Tench, and Sergio Webb) at Studio 62 on Main Street in East Nashville. Always good to see and hear them play.

Meanwhile, the surreal disaster that is our current administration in the US continues to defy... well fill in the blank.. common sense, decency, legality, reality.  A "campaign"rally - a month after inauguration... filled with at least 13 factually questionable statements... including an allusion to an attack "last night" against Sweden which never happened.

Here's the deal, writing this blog, I have inadvertently posted things that turned out to be incorrect. I once (based upon a wikipedia article) stated that a noted producer co-wrote a song. When I was corrected, by the writer of said song, I immediate edited my post to include the correct information (while leaving the incorrect information struck out) and I apologize for the error.

In contrast, when this administration is called out on misstatements, they double down, the shift blame, or they respond in some bizarre fashion that leaves their followers to believe the lie to be the truth. (i.e. many supporters of the current administration still believe the "media" is covering up an attack on Sweden).

Oh and let's not forget the non-stop attacks on the free press - who dare to ask "hard questions" and challenge untruths.

Okay, okay. I'm done for now.  The above views are my own and should not be associated with any artists featured on my page.

Before we leap ahead into the Shuffle... I would like to present a video from The Suitcase Junket. I first saw The Suitcase Junket - a uniquely talented one-man band - a couple of years ago at The 5 Spot.  He has a brand new album - his label debut coming soon, and today, we have a video from that album for the song, "The Next Act". Check it out below, and keep listening to E2TG for more from the album which is called, Pile Driver.

Today is Tuesday and we have our "Trending Tuesday" shuffle forthcoming....after the jump...