Friday, January 20, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Blow the Man Down Mix

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There is a reason why E2TG is by and large a positive place. First of all, every day we are reminded that there is way too much negative energy in the world. I certainly have my share sometimes.  The fact is for a good part of my life, music has provided solace in dark times and it continues to do so. This is one of my contributions to the world and I want it to be a positive one.  Here are some songs from (more or less) recently released album that I am featuring on a Friday.  Peace!

"Blow the Man Down" by Tom Mason And The Blue Buccaneers

My sentiments exactly.  From Pirate Party by Nashville's resident pirates. Yo ho ho!

"Just Want to Be Myself" by Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke

Another lovely and comforting song by Joe and Sheila from Everybody Has a Purpose.  This is my wish for myself and for everyone else. 

"Lena and Sonny" by Conrad Y Skordalia

So happy that I finally got to see Conrad Y Skordalia live last week.  If you missed it or even if you didn't, they are playing Sunday at Room 62 Salon in East Nashville. 

"Gravel" by All Those Ships

Another excellent song from Meterology for Runners. All Those Ships is the recording project of Brandon MacNeil from New Hampshire. 

"Wahoo" by John Paul Daniel

One of my favorites from All is Well, the latest album from John Paul Daniel of Kingston Springs, Tennessee. 

"Mississippi Bridge" by Josh Hyde

Look for Call of the Night from Louisiana native, Josh Hyde. It is due out February 24. I am enjoying listening to this album with some Nashville connections and featuring some great musicians like Buddy Flett, Sonny Landreth and more. 

"Drunk in California" by J.R. Wyatt

J.R. Wyatt is one of my favorite Nashville songwriters.  He is one of those who immediately caught my ear, the first time I heard him play - it was a solo appearance at the late and lamented Logue's Black Raven.. 

"Neon Lights" by Saint Luke's Drifters

And we close things out with some country music from Saint Luke's Drifters - who know how to rockify country but also know how to just countrify country.  Speaking of The Country, that is where Saint Luke's Drifters will be tomorrow night!


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