Friday, January 13, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Got a Lot

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Whew! I've almost made it through my first five day work week since before Christmas...  and next week, I am off on Monday!

Last night I circumnavigated the city to take in the constant variety of great music...  beginning with Luella and Brian Ritchey at The 5 Spot for week 2 of Brian's residency.  Then, across the river to The Country for Conrad y Skordalia opening for Maynard and the Musties.  Then back across the river to the American Legion in Inglewood to catch the end of Stationwagon  (a great band that features Charlie Whitten, Brett Resnick, and Pete Lindberg).  And, then the triumphant return of Buck 'N' Stuff for the second week of their residency.

It is Friday - when we feature songs from the New Music playlist...   We have some good one from future, recent, and kind of recent releases...

"Broken Cassette" by All Those Ships

We open the shuffle with a wonderful track from Meteorology for Runners from New Hampshire's All Those Ships - which is a project of singer-songwriter Brandon MacNeil.  His songs are refreshingly original and quirky (in the best possible way).

"A Little Bit of Bourbon" by Eight O'Five Jive

If a little bit of bourbon is good...  More good stuff from Swing Set which is due out in a couple of weeks.  Eight O'Five Jive are Nashville award winning jump blues band and big supporters of E2TG and Double Shot. 

"Audrey" by Reckless Johnny Wales

A short poem and a beautiful song from the forthcoming 5 Star Meat and Three.  Reckless Johnny is a Nashville original and a big part of what makes Nashville what it is. The video (a different song) features the late Audrey Auld - the subject of this song. 

"Sheena's Dog" by Darryl Purpose

Darryl Purpose is currently climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro...  To be honest, I would probably enjoy hearing him sing the phone book (that voice!), but fortunately his songs are every bit as rich as his vocals.  Still the Bird was one of my favorite albums of 2016 and it's nice to still be enjoying it into the New Year. 

"Come Commala" by Jon Worthy

Next, another track from May You Live Happily Ever After. Our second song from that album in the shuffle this week!
"Fall From Grace" by Tim Lee 3

Longtime E2TG favorites Tim Lee 3 return to the shuffle with another from Tin Man. Wih TL3 on hiatus - looking forward to more music from Tim and Susan Lee's Bark!

"Beauty Eyes I Adore" by Post Death Soundtrack

Next up, Canadian band, Post Death Soundtrack.  Love this tune from The Unlearning Curve.  

"Rock of Ages" by Kent Eugene Goolsby

How about another one from Temper of The Times by Nashville's own Kent Goolsby. 

"Everything Will Come Together" by Swain

And we close out this shuffle with our first listen to Swain from their self-titled album which was released just before Christmas and reach me via e-mail. Lo-fi, slowcore.  Swain are from Sacramento, California. Expect to hear more from them.


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