Friday, January 6, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Laurel Canyon '72 Mix

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Greetings from a snowy, chilly Nashville.  Last night was yet another one of those nights that reminds me why Nashville is such a cool place to be a music fan.  First off Brian Ritchey kicked off his residency at The 5 Spot. Sheriff Scott and the Deputies opened.  I am not sure why I am just now hearing or/hearing this band, but I am a fan now. Urban bluegrass is the term, I think. Really good stuff.   Brian Ritchey is a great songwriter, and he sounded great as always. Enjoyed hearing some of his newest songs.

Next, I headed to the American Legion for Buck n Stuff. American Roommates opened the show. I really dug their energy and sound.  Another new (for me) band.  As for Buck 'n' Stuff... well, I know it is early in the year, but at this point, I think they are front runners for Band of the Year.  Seriously - because they are a serious band.  Buck Owens covers (thus the "Buck") plus a few non-Buck Owens covers  (thus the 'n' Stuff).  All of these offered up in non-traditional arrangements.

Okay, so we are ready for our first Featured Friday Shuffle of 2017.

If you are in Nashville, it sounds like the roads are getting dicey.  Be careful out there.

"Studebaker" by Leland Sundries

We start with Leland Sundries with a track from their Music for Outcasts album.  

"Close" by Josh Hyde

The first 2017 track to hit the shuffle.  Josh Hyde will be releasing his new album, The Call of the Night in February.  Josh Hyde is a native of Lousiana, and the album was produced in that state by Nashville's Joe V. McMahan and features guests like Sonny Landreth and others. This was my first listen, and I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the album and featuring this more. 

"Ribbons of Wind" by Fendrick and Peck

Next up a beautiful song from The Sandhill Crane by former Nashville residents Fendrick and Peck. 

"Hold You" by Marla Mase

Marla Mase never pulls punches. This song is poignant and powerful and devastating. This is from here latest album: Miracles: Lost and Found.  

"SUICIDE LiNES" by Ugggy (prod. Velodrones)

Fresh off the Band of the Year award win... we have Ugggy of Valued Customer with a track from his Legends of the SmoKe album.  This track features production work by Velodrones another E2TG favorite.  Man, Ugggy can rapid-fire spit those verses.  

"Josh" by Crackerboots

How about we mellow things out with a lovely song from Crackerboots. 

"Widow" by Weird.

Next we have Italian experimental/alternative rock band, Weird with a track from their album A Long Period of Blindness. 

"Wanted Man" by Clint Morgan

And we close things down with another outstanding cut from Scofflaw by Clint Morgan.


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