Thursday, January 5, 2017

Something Thursday Morning Shuffle - Romping Mix

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Tonight:  Brian Ritchey residency kicks off down at The 5 Spot, and then later, Future Band of the Year Buck 'n' Stuff kick off their residency (and live album recording!) down at the American Legion.  Plus, there is a chance of snow... but it's looking remote right now...

Alright, I still haven't created a Throwback Playlist for Throwback Thursday - so this is Something Thursday. The shuffle today comes from the built-in Recently Added playlist which contains the 900 most recently added songs on my phone.

Let's jump to it!

"Romping Through The Swamp" by Dave Van Ronk

We start things off with legendary Greenwich Village songwriter Dave Van Ronk doing a cover of a Holy Modal Rounders song.  It is from a 2005 compilation called The Mayor of MacDougal Street.  

"Brand New Bruise" by The Grisly Hand

Next up, Kansas City band, The Grisly Hand with a track from their most recent release Flesh and Gold.  You may have heard this song on the most recent Double Shot with Joe and Sue show on New Year's Eve. 

"Those Who Wander" by Malcolm Holcombe

Next, we have one of the best songwriters around - Malcolm Holcombe with a track from his 2011 album To Drink the Rain.  Holcolmbe is a North Carolina artist. 

"Streamlined Cannonball" by Doc Watson

Let's stay in North Carolina, with the late Doc Watson and a number off of the Earl Scruggs album, His Family and Friends which came out in 1972.

"Big Fat Mama" by Mississippi Fred McDowell

Let's shift from bluegrass music to some hill country blues by one of the best - Mississippi Fred McDowell. According to wikipedia, Fred McDowell was born and died in Tennessee, but he made his musical mark in Mississippi. 

"The Blind Bartender" by The Coal Porters

The Coal Porters' No. 6 was one of my favorite albums of 2016, and this lengthy song was one of my favorites from that album. A wonderful story of the angels who are sometimes put into our lives. 

"Get Together" by The Youngbloods

A much needed and much neglected sentiment from The Youngbloods. C'mon people!

"When the Secret is Revealed" by Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke

Next up, one of my favorite songs on Everybody Has a Purpose from "Earie" Award winners Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke. An old-time folk gospel feel to his inspirational song. 

"Opening Titles" by Graeme Revell

And in typical ironic shuffle fashion, we close out today's shuffle with the opening titles from the Wim Wenders film Until the End of the World. I just loaded that soundtrack into my phone - so expect other tracks to pop up in the weeks and months ahead. Graeme Revell has a long career scoring many well-known films, and this 1991 film was among his earlier film work. 


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