Thursday, January 26, 2017

Theme Thursday Morning Shuffle - What Do You Know About Revolution Mix

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I have a really big announcement coming soon!  It's going to be huge! The best announcement ever. People are saying so, smart people. It will probably be the biggest announcement ever made. It will make all those other announcements look tiny in comparison...

Theme Thursday returns just in the nick of time. For those who missed our first two editions, each month I will create a playlist of songs somehow (in my warped mind) related to a theme of my choosing that will not be revealed. Each Thursday, I will shuffle songs from that playlist, and offer, without direct explanation of how or why these songs fit the unnamed theme.  By the way, this is the last Thursday of January so expect a new theme next Thursday.  You may think you have figured out my theme, but I will neither confirm nor deny. And, I do need to offer the disclaimer that I do not intend to imply that the singers or writers of these songs adhere to any belief system implied or inferred by the undisclosed theme.  In some cases, it is just the title (or even a line) that fits my theme or it may be the subject (as interpreted by me) or it may be both or it may be some more esoteric reason.

In any case, it's a cool collection of songs, and that is never a bad thing...

"Train Wreck" by David Olney

From the album Dutchman's Curve.  Legendary Nashville songwriter.  Part of  the song lyrics fit the theme... others not so much... 

"Save Me From the Storm" by The Coal Porters

From No. 6, the latest album by The Coal Porters which features Sid Griffith who was part of The Long Ryders back in the day...

"Not Especially Nice" by Flavored Cardboard

Another from Flavored Cardboard - a band that features Luke from The Foresters. Does this song title make you think of any one?

"Heartbreaker's National Anthem" by Tom Schreck

Tom Schreck returns to the shuffle with another from his first Nashville album, Outsider. 

"All Kinds of Pain" by Tim Carroll

Tim Carroll is up next with the title track of this earlier album.  I could not find a video for this song, so I picked another from this album.

"Let's Go Dancing" by Drivin' N' Cryin'

"What do you know about revolution?"  I want to know. 

"Crazy" by Random Dogs

Random Dogs make their first E2TG appearance. They are from Tel Aviv, and this is a cover of the Gnarls Barkley. It is from an EP called Tell Yourself a New Story. Crazy indeed. 

"Despondent Become" by Forecast Tomorrow

Forecast Tomorrow play psychedelic post-metal out of Sydney, Australia. It is easy to become despondent, but chin up... press on. 

"Hail to The King (Henry VIII)" by NewClue

NewClue play heavy music. They are based in Connecticut. It is a song about the English monarch.  I started reading the wikipedia page for Henry VIII... with a few changes it could be a current event news story.. weird.... 



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  2. Regarding NewClue & "Hail..." There's a movie about Ann Boilen. The third verse is taken from this