Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - The Good Life Mix

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Okay - we are back after an extended weekend to celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., and to think about the fights which are still going on and progress made and miles yet to go...

Since we last were together, I got to take in Crackerboots with my daughter for my birthday.  Then Sunday night after his 3rd and Lindsley show was postponed, Darrin Bradbury and friends took over Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge.  It was a really great night of music with Jon Latham, Rayvon Pettis, Sally Jaye, Jeremy Ivey, and Mr. Bradbury himself.  Darrin's band included Laur Joamets who just 24 hours before had backed Sturgill Simpson on his incredible SNL performance (if you still have not seen that - go look that up NOW and then come back).  His guests included Margo Price.  It was all in all a typically stellar night of music in Nashville (well Madison).

Let's get to the shuffle - which is a little extended due to a (scheduled) detour I had to make on the way to work. This is a Trending Tuesday shuffle - heavily weighted to Nashville artists (past or present).

"What's Your Secret?" by Charlie Hager

First up, E2TG fave Charlie Hager with another from his American Saga album.  Some E2TG trivia, the video premier we did for Hager's song, These Days is, to date, the most viewed page since E2TG began.

"Old Pine Woman" by Fendrick and Peck

How about one from The Sandhill Crane by another fave of mine - Fendrick and Peck.  (Check the video playlist for their version of David Olney's Women Across the River. 
"Paris Might Not Wait" by Crackerboots

I mentioned above that I saw Crackerboots on Saturday with my daughter for my birthday.  They are at The Family Wash every Saturday from 5-7. Check them out! 

"In My Dreams" by Reckless Johnny Wales

If I am not mistaken, 5 Star Meat and Three is out  - or at least the videos are up on YouTube.  I am really digging this album.   

"For the Good Life" by Joey Kneiser

How about one from Joey Kneiser's The Wildness album. One of the best albums of recent years. 

"Not Dead Enough to Bury" by Gabrielle Louise

If the Static Clears is one of my favorite albums from 2016, and Gabrielle Louise is on a very short list of artists that I "discovered" in 2016 that I have jumped right into my favorites list. 

"Oh Yeah!" by Backgammon

This is our first listen to BackgammoAn who are a band from The Netherlands. This is a single - ahead of their first album (I think).  I like this a bunch!

"When You're Working for God" by Reckless Johnny Wales

Another one - an one of my favorites from the latest Reckless Johnny album 5-Star Meat and Three.  

"Pause for the Cause" by Crackerboots

One more from Crackerboots - and a song Luella does in her solo project quite often. 

"Backslide" by Paul Zografi

Paul Zografi's latest album is called Rack, but this one goes back to his previous release Bright. 

"Loveless Prayers" by Kent Eugene Goolsby

And we close things out with one of my favorite tracks from Temper of the Times by East Nashville's Kent Eugene  Goolsby - album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Joey Kneiser whose own song appeared earlier in this shuffle. 


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