Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - hokum Mix

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These are unprecedented times in America.

This is not about ideological differences or political parties.... it is about:

Concentration of power into the hands of a small group of extremists, demonizing "others", attempts to silence the press, attacks on the arts and academia, creating chaos, disregard for checks and balances, immediate suppression of any voices of dissent,  creating a shadow government outside of the bounds of the law. Be vigilant, resist.

Today is Tuesday, and we have music that is "trending" on E2TG (aka music from our curated "New Music" playlist...

"Never Come Back" by Joe Goodkin

Joe Goodkin is a singer/songwriter based in Chicago.  His debut release, Record of Life was released in 2015.  He is about to released the follow-up, Record of Loss in a week or so.  This was my first chance to listen, and I am impressed. More to come.

"You're Not Sorry Enough" by Crackerboots

Luella and Bill DeMain and company are back with another from their self-released Love, Crackerboots album.  This song appeared on the band's debut album.  I love this song.  

"Off My Mind" by Scott Ramminger

"Hoping That The Sun Don't Shine" by Scott Ramminger

Next, we have a two-fer of songs from the forthcoming (February 17) album, Do What Your Heart Says To by singer/songwriter/sax player Scott Ramminger. The album was recorded in New Orleans. 

"Boogie Man" by John Paul Daniel

Next up, we have another track from All is Well by John Paul Daniel.  Daniel is based out of Kingston Springs, Tennessee, and in addition to being a singer/songwriter, he is also a well-known folk artist under the name Bebo. 

"hokum" by valued customer

Next, we have a track from hugecup by 2016 E2TG Band of the Year, Valued Customer of Toronto, Canada. 

"It's Not Me It's You" by The Rosellys

As I have mentioned, The Rosellys are a British Americana band from Bristol.  Notable for me because Don Gallardo told me about them.  The Granary Sessions came out in September, and it was one of my favorites of last year. 

"Falling Sideways" by Marla Mase

And we close out the shuffle with another great track from Miracles: Lost and Found by long-time E2TG favorite Marla Mase. Mase is a New York based artist who mixes rock, performance art, spoken word. She will be playing an official showcase at SXSW in March. 


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  1. Joe: Thanks for speaking out about the crisis we're all up against, and for keeping the music strong and central. We need both, and sometimes we need them together.--DC