Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - I'll Play the Fool Mix

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Rainy morning in Nashville.

Had a fun night last night.  Recorded Saturday's Double Shot show, made it to The Family Wash in time to catch most of Amelia White and Sergio Webb being awesome.  Then headed to The 5 Spot for the first $2 Tuesday of the new year.  Derek Hoke actually opened for a change and was accompanied by Paul Niehaus - wonderful.  Adrian + Meredith always terrific. Vandoliers from Texas - really enjoyed, Erica Blinn - great set, and The Mulligan Brothers (Mobile, AL) closed things out in fne style.  Great people and good times. One of my favorite hangs.

We have a Wild Wednesday shuffle which entails shuffling up every single song in my phone memory and seeing what comes up...

"Jack the Poor Hungarian Immigrant Boy" by Smokey the Firebear (ft. Photographer)

"Puffy Groups of Particles Suspended in the Stratosphere" by Smokey the Firebear

Whenever a shuffle starts with two songs from the artist, I always question whether the random shuffle was actually turned on... it was... About a couple of noise tracks from Smokey The Firebear's BNGFKR album.  The album is made up of sound collages.

"Down" by Run the Jewels (feat. Joi)

Everybody has been raving about the new Run the Jewels album Run the Jewels 3, so I had to check it out.  Digging it so far. I will check out more... 

"Mystery Achievement" by The Pretenders

Our final track to post from the classic debut album by The Pretenders.

"Drifting" by Flavored Cardboard

Next up, one of my favorite songs on Fingers Crossed by Flavored Cardboard which features Luke (from The Foresters) and April. 

"Look Both Ways" by Chuck Prophet

Next up, we have the lead track from Chuck Prophet's solo debut album Brother Aldo which was released in 1990. This song was co-written by Prophet, Steve Wynn, and Chris Cacavas).

"Dreamin" by Jon Worthy

Next up, another excellent track from Nashville singer-songwriter Jon Worthy from his latest album, May You Live Happily Ever After.

"Over" by Kings of Leon

Next up we have a track from the latest album by Nashville rock band, Kings of Leon. The album, WALLS, was released in October and debuted at number 1 on the charts. 

"You Bring the Class" by The Deadline Shakes

Next, we have the return of Glascow band, The Deadline Shakes to the shuffle with a nifty tune from their 2015 album Zealots.  

"Emo Girl" by Dan Coyle

And we close things out with Dan Coyle and a track from his album Random Thoughts and Incomplete Sentences. 


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