Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Plead With You Mix

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Final tally - about 90 "Earies" 3 Band/Artists of the Year!

Okay! It is officially 2017 here at E2TG.

Last night - my first night out of 2017 was a good reminder of why I love living in Nashville. Amazing live music from 6pm - after 1am.  Seeing some of the most talented artists working in music - some performing, some just hanging out.  Jon Byrd always wonderful, saw some authentic country and western music at the American Legion, and ended the night seeing the super talented Jim Oblon along with guest Patrick Sweany and Little Joe from Sturgill Simpson's band tearing it up big time at The Family Wash!

Today, we have a Wild Wednesday Shuffle

"Asheville Turnaround" by The Del McCoury Band

The Grammy winning bluegrass band starts things off with a track from their 2003 album, It's Just the Night.

"It's All Politics" by Tim Carroll

Next up, East Nashville staple Tim Carroll with the title track for his latest album. 

"Boogie Board" by Crazy Aces

A rock instrumental from Nashville's own Crazy Aces.

"Man Without a Country" by Jesse and Noah

Another track from E2TG favorites Jesse and Noah's latest album Southern Usonia. 

"The Hottest Thing in Town" by Billy Joe Shaver

Some live Billy Joe Shaver from 1995's Unshaven: Live at Smith's Olde Bar - which is in Atlanta. 
"Boys Don't Cry" by Kate York

A cover of The Cure's classic song performed by singer-songwriter Kate York and taken from her self-titled 2004 EP, 

"Easy Way Out" by Dylan LeBlanc

Louisiana singer-songwriter Dylan LeBlanc with a song from his 2016 album Cautionary Tale

"Ballad of the Dumb Hairdresser" by Phranc

Phranc is up next with a track from her 1985 debut Folksinger. "She's a real smart barber."

"Echoes of a Whole" by McNary

And we close out our first official shuffle of 2017 with Tim McNary and a track from his most recent release Above the Trees. 


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