Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Tonic and Gin Mix

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Running late due to some non-technical difficulties.... what can I say, Wild Wednesday is not just a shuffle thing...

Trivia: I previously had a Gin and Tonic Mix shuffle for a completely different reference...

Let's jump right in with a pretty darn wild Wednesday shuffle

"Jesus Didn't Die" by Tom House

Boom!  Tom House does not pull any punches in this powerhouse of a song that is (unfortunately) as timely as ever.  This is from his 2010 album Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore.
"Piano Man" by Billy Joel

Billy Joel's signature song and his first single released in 1973. It ended up being the title track of his second studio album. 

"The Closer You Get" by Lucero

When you start with Tom House and go to Billy Joel - it seems only logical to follow those songs up with Lucero doing a cover of song by the country band, Alabama. This song was part of the High Cotton compilation put out on Lightning Rod Records a few years ago.  I got a t-shirt for this album at an Americanarama show at Grimey's about the time it came out. 

"Laid Back Henry (Part 3 - Return to Earth)" by Tipi Valley

Tipi Valley is the recording project of Ed Toft of Swansea, Wales.  Tipi Valley has been an E2TG favorite for several years.  This is from his 2015 release Dust.  He just released a compilation album via Bandcamp which is worthy of a listen. He is not on YouTube or Facebook, but he does have Vimeo and Twitter accounts.  Access those via his bandcamp page. 

"Mystery to Me" by Scott Ramminger

From the forthcoming album (February 2017), Do What Your Heart Says To... Scott Ramminger is a singer/songwriter/sax player.  The music is blues based - this is my first listen - as I just added the album to my phone last night. I dig.  The album features some powerhouse guests like Bekka Brammlet, The McCrary Sisters and many more.  Expect to hear more about this album soon. 

"The Light" by J. Marco

Okay - a bit a mea culpa... I got J. Marco's debut album Myth some time ago.  I had some issues getting it added to my phone, and when I did, it got added without the metadata, and I don't think it ever got added to the New Music Playlist.  All that to say, I should have been writing about this album some time ago, but I am happy to be able to correct that oversight right now.  J. Marco is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter.  Myth is a really good album.  Check it out. I will get it added to the proper playlists right away. 

"Same As You" by The Silent War

Silent War is the project that features Garrison Starr and AG (Adrianne Gonzolez).  I grabbed some of their music from Noisetrade a while back, and this one has been left over for some time.

"I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James

And what better way to close out any shuffle than the late great Etta James with the classic 1968 release.... 


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