Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Unmade Bed Mix

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I normally steer clear of politics on E2TG, but to me this is no longer political and this is not normal...

When facts are suppressed or denied, when dissent is silenced, when the press is being jailed, when rights that were fought for and died for over a period of decades are decimated overnight... these are not normal times.   #resist

We have a "wild" mix of songs for an overcast Wednesday in Nashville...

"Husk" by Michael Rank and Stag

Happy this showed up today. Michael Rank is a North Carolina artist that has been featured on E2TG before.  His latest album is called Red Hand and came out in July of 2016. This is song is from Horsehair which came out the year before and was his last with his backing band Stag. 

"Pointless Drinking" by Amy LaVere

Memphis singer/songwriter/bassist/actress Amy LaVere is up next with a track from her 2007 album Angels and Anvils which was produced by the late Jim Dickinson. This track features Nashville's own Chris Scruggs along with Dickinson and Jimbo Mathus among others. 

"Caroline" by Michelle Lewis

Michelle Lewis is a folk singer/songwriter from Boston. This song goes back to her 2004 album This Time Around. The performance I listened to is from a Noisetrade release, Live at Club Passim. 

"Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?" by The Lovin' Spoonful

Released on the 1965 album Do You Believe in Magic?  This song was written by John Sebastian.  It was recently covered by Richard Barone on his Sorrows and Promises album - that version featured Sebastian on harmonica. Today, I listened to the orignal.  A glorious bit of 1960s pop music. 

"The Far End of the World" by Brian Carpenter and the Confessions

Our second Boston artist in the shuffle.  This was the title track from the 2015 album - a wonderful tribute to Leonard Cohen. 

"Computer Inventor" by Mickey 9s

From the 2015 album The Party Manifesto. Mickey 9s are from Glascow, Scotland.  I refreshingly different sound for this mid-week shuffle. 

"Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down" by Alvin Youngblood Hart

I got to see Alvin Youngblood Hart at The Family Wash some time last year. This is his version of the Kris Kristofferson song that became a number one hit for Johnny Cash.  This is from a Johnny Cash tribute album. 

"The Bottle Let Me Down" by AJ Hobbs

AJ Hobbs is a country music singer from L.A.  He will be at The 5 Spot next Tuesday for $2 Tuesdays.  This Merle Haggard cover is taken from his forthcoming album Too Much is Never Enough which is due out next month.   



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  2. This reminds of the music my dad would play on late summer afternoons when I was growing up in Southern Maryland. Thanks for the share, Joe!