Monday, February 13, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Here to Love You Mix

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Look - I HATE talking about politics but as I have repeatedly said, to me the current administration has transcended politics.  The incompetence, corruption, deceptions, and overt xenophobia and several other isms and phobias should be something that most Americans can agree upon. As left and right, Democrat and Republican, Progressive and Conservative - we can and should debate things like economic policies, immigration policies, foreign policy... and though we may fundamentally disagree of these issues - we should be able to stand united toward some basic principles of ethics, decorum, legality, and national security.  And please do not misunderstand - part of the (largely peaceful) protests are about disagreements over policy (and yes the right and importance of those protests should be one of those basic principles on which we should all agree), the more troubling facts are the repeated and unapologetic lapses in those basic principles. I am talking about making up terrorist attacks, verbally attacking members of the judiciary, using the office and position of the Presidency for personal gain, collaborating with foreign powers to undermine the electoral system etc.

Oh yeah, and the last time I checked, there is still a white supremacist with unchecked powers in the top rungs of the Executive Branch.

So yeah, I HATE talking about politics. This is not politics. #Resist #Persist


Time is moving along!  It is Monday February 13!  First off, I have a major announcement coming soon about E2TG and our 6th Anniversary will is coming up in May.  Stay tuned!

Monday - we always (for the past several months at least) feature great music connected to Nashville, Tennessee - aka Music City USA).

Let's jump in and see what comes up!

"Hillbilly Highway" by Steve Earle

We begin with our last track to feature from Steve Earle's landmark debut album, Guitar Town which was released in 1986.  This is the third track on the album and was co-written by Earle and Jimbeau Hinson.  

"Radar" by Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies

Next up, a track from 2016 Artist of the Year Brian Wright from one of his pre-Nashville albums with his band The Waco Tragedies - called Dog Ears. It was so cool to see Wright backing up Aaron Lee Tasjan on Conan last week.  

"Willy Jett" by The Coal Men

Next up - The Coal Men from their latest album Pushed To the Side. I am still digging this album and it is still high on my list of favorite albums of recent months!

"Sheriff of Love" by Walk the West

You may have heard this song on the recent all Nashville edition of Double Shot on WXNA. Walk the West were one of my favorites back in the mid to late 1980s in Nashville. Fronted by the late Paul Kirby, the band went on to some more mainstream success via what was initially a country side project called The Cactus Brothers. 

"Knoxville Girl" by BR5-49

I got to see Chuck Mead a week ago with his current band the Grassy Knoll Boys. This is a track from the band that put him on the map and helped to revitalize Lower Broadway in Nashville.  This is a lovely murder ballad about a girl from the the east side of the state. 

"Banks of the River" by David Olney

David Olney is just about as Music City as it gets.  He has been writing and recording and performing in town for several decades and judging by the most recent live shows I've seen - he is operating at the top of his game.  From his album Robbery and Murder.

"Sheriff of Love/Precious Time" (live) by Walk the West

And we close things out with live instrumental reprise of "Sheriff of Love" followed by one of my favorite Walk the West songs - "Precious Time".  Hearing this band live takes me back about 30 years to seeing them perform to a packed house at The Cannery. I remember a particular all-ages show - really hot and sweaty and so much fun!

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