Monday, February 6, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - The Trip Mix

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So, Super Bowl ads portraying the current and past struggles and accomplishments of immigrants are "anti-Trump"... hmm... meanwhile, it is becoming increasingly clear that, not only is a white supremacist in the White House, but he is actually the one calling the shots.

Moving on - for now - took in some excellent music over the weekend.  Friday night - enjoyed another outstanding Tim Carroll Rock n Roll Happy Hour with Reeves Gabrels -  who currently plays guitar with The Cure and who played for many years alongside David Bowie - added his unique and distinct musical voice to the show.   After that, I headed to the Basement for a pretty darn stacked lineup that included Reuben Bidez, Tim Easton, Don Gallardo, and a full-band set from Rayvon Pettis.

Saturday - faced with a myriad of choices, I trekked to Brentwood for Joanna Barbera's CD Release show with Megan Palmer opening.   Then, I made my way to The Basement East in time to catch a rousing set by Chuck Mead and the Grassy Knoll Boys - part of Honky Tonk Saturday.

Sunday was spent working and resting and working and watching some game...

Time for Music City Monday - music from or connected to Nashville..

"A Lifetime At Best" by The Buddies

The shuffle begins with The Buddies from their self-titled album.  High-energy rock and roll music featuring members of Black Vincent, Smoking Flowers, and Justin and the Cosmics

"Big Legged Woman" by Mike Cullison

Next up - E2TG favorite Mike Cullison with a track from Front Porch Philosophy extolling the virtues of a certain type of female. 

"The Trip" by Dave Rawlings Machine

How about an epic and powerful 11 minute song from Nashville Obsolete by the one and only Dave Rawlings Machine. 

"Rack" by Paul Zografi

Next - the title track from the latest album by another E2TG fave - Paul Zografi. 

"Wrong Guy" by Mando Saenz

Incredibly making his E2TG debut - long-time Nashville singer-songwriter Mando Saenz is up next with a track from his 2008 album - Bucket. 

"Show True Heart" by Lori Kelley

We close things out with a Nashville (by way of DC) songwriter whose songs always manage to lift my spirits. This is a track from her latest CD -  More. 


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