Thursday, February 9, 2017

Theme Thursday Morning Shuffle - Enough is Enough Mix

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Okay, I'm back. Took a day off to recuperate from something...

There are so many shameful things being said and done by the current administration in Washington that it can be overwhelming to anyone (left or right) who has any shred of decency or sense. And that is the point... things like making up the "Bowling Green Massacre" and a fictional radical Islam attack on Atlanta - these are not slips of tongue they are deliberate attempts of obfuscate and distract.  Making wild claims like that the media is covering up/failing to report terrorists attacks and then when pressed producing a list of attacks which includes many that were widely reported by the press - this is a purposeful tactic.

Meanwhile, the majority in Congress are silencing those who speak out against a racist Attorney General nominee while voting in goose step... er, I mean lock step to rubber stamp the most egregious and unqualified of this regimes nominees.  

Meanwhile, a white supremacist who was neither elected or vetted still seems to be running the show in the White House which is now using our tax payers money to promote the business interest of the President's daughter.

I am going to stop until this madness is ended. #Persist #Resist

In much better news, East Nashville's own Aaron Lee Tasjan will be making his television debut on Conan O'Brien tonight and he will be accompanied by none other than 2016 E2TG Artist of the Year Brian Wright!  There is going to be a viewing party (emphasis on PARTY) at the Basement East Pub tonight - as we cheer them on and shed a few tears of joy.

It is Thursday, and we continue with my "Theme" which began in January and continues.  On one level, this "theme" Thursday is just a new mechanism to feature music from my phone memory card.  On another, it is my attempt to find songs that fit (somewhat/kind of/sort of) a predetermined but undefined theme.  As I said, I do not intend to imply nor should you infer that the writers/performers of these songs meant for these songs to have a meaning that would conform with my theme. Sometimes, the title phrase just triggered a thought or I made some wild logical jump to decide to include the songs in this playlist.

"Road to Nowhere" by Talking Heads

One of my favorite tracks from Little Creatures. which was the sixth studio album by Talking Heads and released at the end of my first year of college. We're a road to nowhere....

"Chain Reaction" by Drivin' N' Cryin'

Six years later, Georgia band Drivin' N' Crying released their fourth studio album - Fly Me Courageous.  This is a track from that album.  Made me think that actions have natural consequences. 

"Lost Again" by Mac McCaughan

Mac McCaughan may be best known for his band Superchunk and the label he helped to found - Merge Records.  This is a track from his album Non-Believers which came out in 2015.  Easy to feel lost these days - know who to follow... 

"Ride it Out" by The Slytest

The Slytest are a Swedish rock band, and this song is from their album Epic Ocean Love which came out last year. Sometimes you have to ride out a storm - sometimes you need to take action against it. 

"See How We Are" by John Doe and Exene Cervenka

An acoustic version of the title track from L.A. band X's 1987 album performed by the song's writers John Doe and Exene Cervenka.  John Doe will be making a rare solo appearance in Nashville next month at The Basement (OG).  Some times, it is good to take stock.  This is from an album called Singing and Playing which came out in 2012. 

"Hey Mama, My Time Ain't Long" by Jonathan Tyler

Texas singer-songwriter with some Nashville connections. This is from his 2015 album Holy Smokes.  I was either feeling fatalistic about the state of the world when I added this to the playlist or else I was imagining certain public figures thinking these words.  

"That Was A Lie" by The 81's

Another track from Big Man - by The 81's which features Tim Carroll, Luella, and Cameron Carrus. Not the meaning of this song, but it made me think of current events in Washington for some reason... hmm... 

"Life in the Dark" by The Felice Brothers

The title track from the latest album (2016) from New York folk rock/country band, The Felice Brothers.  In times of darkness, be the light... 

"Enough is Enough" by Leapfrogtown

And we close with a track from Dreaming in Public by UK band, Leapfrogtown.  These are words that have been running through my head just about every day since mid-January.  


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