Thursday, February 16, 2017

Theme Thursday Morning Shuffle - Just a Shot Away Mix

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Okay - today I am mostly going to let my shuffle speak for itself... but I was thinking last night about something I wrote yesterday and something I've heard repeated,,, for many of us, as we observe what is happening in the world - in Washington. As we are horrified and angry and yes at times amused (Bowling Green Massacre), we are left to the great mystery - why are there still people supporting this administration.  Or more importantly, why/how are there people who actually think it is going well. The conclusion I came to is two-fold. First of all, they are seeing the world through a filter that makes things look very different than what I am seeing. Am I also looking at the world through a filter? Sure, I imagine we are to a certain extent. But, in most cases, that filter has limits.  In most cases, it is possible to find some common ground of agreement - but in recent times - and this did not start by any means with the election of the current President - that ability to find any common ground has seemed elusive. So, whereas I  may view a speech or a talk show appearance or a tweet - as dangerous or delusional or dishonest, someone viewing through a different filter - may see it as brave or refreshing or brutally honest.

The second thing is the proliferation of extremist propaganda outlets disguised as news sources. There is a meme going around that attempts to provide guidance in this area, and although some may argue with the placement of certain outlets on that chart, the basic premise is pretty hard to dismiss. Add to that the logarithms employed by sites like Facebook but make it less likely that you will see posts that go against your worldview. To my friends on the left (and this is to me as well), maybe - just maybe - I should read some of those far right sites - just to understand what kinds of information is being fed to those friends of ours who still support this President. Not to forgive or excuse or justify - just to try to gain some understanding...

Then, we need to find away to fight back against extremist of all kinds and shapes and the powers that shape and control those extremists...

Moving on... Had a blast at the first ever WXNA night at Kay Bob's Grill and Ale last night.  They are doing this every third Wednesday. From 5-11pm a percentage of sales goes to WXNA!

ICYMI - My review of the new album from Sean Quinn and the Tremblers was posted this morning. You can read it HERE.

Now for Theme Thursday,.... usual disclaimers apply - just songs that loosely fit a predetermined theme (unexplained). Some times - the connection is just a title that makes me think of something that fits the theme.  Also, I do not mean to ascribe any motives political or otherwise to any of the artists/songs

Let's Go!

"Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones

First up, the classic opening song from Let It Bleed. 

"Fear" by Insane Jane

Next, early 90s Atlanta band, Insane Jane from A Green Little Pill.

"Darkness Darkness" by Lowell Levinger - aka Banana

Banana from The Youngbloods re-imagines that band's most famous songs from his release of a couple of years ago. This song was written by Jesse Colin Young.  

"Coming to America" by Me First and The Gimme-Gimmes

A punk rock version of the Neil Diamond song. Seems appropriate. 

Let's Set Fire To This World" by The Colored Parade

Next up, a song from Andrew Adkins old band. 

"Conscience Money" by Tymon Dogg

Next - one time Clash and Joe Strummer associate - Tymon Dogg with a song from his album Made of Light. 

"Hellhound on my Trail" by Robert Johnson

And we close out the shuffle with a classic recording by the enigmatic bluesman - Robert Johnson. 

Click above for the video playlist. Let me know if you have any clue why the embed is not working

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