Thursday, February 23, 2017

Theme Thursday Morning Shuffle - That Son of a Gun Mix

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So, I was thinking - I tend to do that quite a bit... These days so many of us are angry or scared or outraged or appalled or depressed or otherwise distressed... basically anyone who cares about: people with disabilities, the education of our children, healthcare, the environment, people of color, people who look different, the LGBT (etc.) community, the free press,  this country, the world... is likely feeling any one or more or all of those emotions just about every day.

And we are - and we are spurned to actions - however much or little we are able to do... but in the midst of calling our leaders and signing petitions and writing letters and protesting and creating art and writing about things we normally don't write about... take the time to love.  Love everyone. Love generously, love without limits, love yourselves...

It is okay to be afraid.  Fear is not the problem.  Acting based upon fear is the problem.  So if you are afraid - try taking some action of love - however small.  It helps.  (This self-reminder is a public service announcement from me)...


I had a blast at the final edition of Brian Langlinais' residency at The 5 Spot. Brian is awesome and he put together a killer band.  Adrian + Meredith and Fifth and Main provided support. The Gumbo and King Cake were incredible. The company was great.

Tonight, it is the 10th Anniversary of Jon Byrd's album, Byrd's Auto Parts at The Family Wash.  Should be a blast. Jon Byrd "Doesn't Rock Ever" but he does what he does better than anyone else.

It is Thursday - we continue our "Theme Thursday" series.  Songs loosely connected to an unstated central theme (even if the connection is all in my head).  Let's go!

"Lower You Can Go" by Tim Carroll

Always good to have Tim Carroll a couple of times in a week.  This is a track from his latest release - It's All Politics. 

"Resolution" by Amos Fortune

"Long Night" by Amos Fortune

Amos Fortune are a band based out of New Hampshire.  Earlier this year, they sent me their two new singles (released on 1/1/2017), and by the luck of the shuffle - they came up today - back to back. Amos Fortune formed in 2014. They released an EP called American Folklore in 2015.  I dig these two songs, and I look forward to hearing what comes next. 

"Scared Are You?" by Better Than Ezra

The first of two songs connected to "fear" which I discussed above. So, I came across Better Than Ezra's Friction Baby CD at a thrift store shortly after seeing Kevin Griffin perform at a Louisiana Flood benefit show at The Basement East.  To be honest, I had never given much attention to Better Than Ezra. They came up around the time I was really disconnected from music and kind of got lumped in with a bunch of bands that (for better or worse) just fell through the cracks for me.  But, I was impressed enough with seeing Kevin Griffin solo that when I bought the CD.  I am glad I did.  It is always good to expand my musical pallet. 

"Fear" by David G. Smith

"Fear that Sonofagun".... okay so, this one is mostly about fear of making a romantic move... but fear somes in many forms, and it is often a liar. 

"The Sky Will Fall" by Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues

This came in the mail day before yesterday, and I was just talking about it last night with the person who sent it to me.  This was my first chance to listen - although the concept was intriguing.  My initial reaction is that this may well be some of the most original and innovative music I have heard in a while.  Combining classical stylings with blues harmonica and so much more - I cannot wait to hear and post about the rest of this album which will be released soon (I couldn't find the exact date - it is on the info sheet I have a home). But, he has been making music for several years - so please check it out. 

"Call to Arms" by Fritz Montana

And we close things out with a jaunty number from this San Francisco blues/indie/rock band.  

Embed is not working for Playlists right now... not sure why.  So, please click the link below to listen to/watch the Video Playlist. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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