Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Right Below the Shoulder Mix

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I have been thinking lately about the Will Kimbrough song, "Less Polite" (see right below).  Generally, I do believe in civil discourse about political differences. But honestly, lately, it is getting difficult. Don't get me wrong I am willing to have serious and civil discourse with anybody - across the political spectrum - as long as the starting point of that discourse is about how to get rid of this evil and un-American budding dictatorship.  I am frankly disgusted and appalled that more people on the right - of which I know there are some basically decent people do not stand up to this assault on our way of life.


Meanwhile, it is the final day of February 2017.  And it is a Tuesday when we present "Trending" tracks from our "New Music" playlist.  Shall we?

"The Meaning of My Love" by Darryl Purpose (feat. Eliza Gilkyson)

Okay - so about the only thing better than hearing Darryl Purpose sing is hearing him sing with the incredible Eliza Gilkyson!  I have been a fan of her music for a long time. And this song is absolutely gorgeous. From Still the Birds. 

"Superstition" by Tim Lee 3

What do you know? I'm not superstitious, but somehow my shuffle function knew that today was Tim Lee's birthday, and it brought up this song from Tin. Man.  News is that a new BARK album is in the works, and they will be here in Nashville a week from Friday at Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge.  If you are in Knoxville tonight, Tim will be playing a rare solo show at The Pilot Light with Wreckless Eric. 

"Pack Up Your Sorrows" by Richard Barone (feat. Nellie McKay)

Next up, we have another track from Sorrows and Promises - this would cover the Sorrows part of the album title.  This song was famously recorded by Joan Baez. It was written by Richard Farina along with Baez's sister Pauline. Richard Barone will be bring Sorrow and Promises to SXSW next month - with an all-star line-up that includes East Nashville's own Robyn Hitchcock.

"Thick of It" by Kingsley Flood
"Tricks" by Kingsley Flood

Next up, we have out first (two) listens to Another Other, the new album from Boston/Washington D.C. folk-punk band Kingsley Flood.  I see from their Facebook page that I am late to this party among my music fan friends, but I am definitely on-board.  More to come!

"Waylon and Merle" by AJ Hobbs

Next up, we have another from Too Much is Never Enough.  AJ Hobbs is about as pure country as it gets - which I guess makes him alt-country.  Here is sings about his musical heroes Waylon and Merle.  I really dig his songs, and I would almost certainly be a fan anyway, but the fact that he used Buck N' Stuff as his backing band while he was here in Nashville a few weeks ago - well that just sealed the deal.  Video evidence in the playlist (link below because AAARGH - embedding playlists is still a no go). 

"The North Dakota Blues" by Don Gallardo

I can't remember... have I mentioned how much I love Don Gallardo's music?  His most recent album Hickory is packed with songs that just have me singing along. Great lyrics, rich vocals, and consistently great players backing him up.  

"The Face in the Mirror" by Clint Morgan

We close out this shuffle with another track from Scofflaw by Clint Morgan. He is from Washington state. Scofflaw is a brilliant collection of songs that loosely follow a theme of crime and punishment.  Another great songwriter with a unique voice that perfectly fits his songs. 

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