Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Everything Turns to Dust Mix

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Alrighty then, I am back after a long weekend.  As usual, I got a lot done and feel like I could have done more.  Saturday night, I took in Jon Latham, Josh Morris, and Sean Quinn at The Country.  Excellent music, and good times.

Sunday, it was Stone Cupid (trio with Julie Christensen, Chris Tench, and Sergio Webb) at Studio 62 on Main Street in East Nashville. Always good to see and hear them play.

Meanwhile, the surreal disaster that is our current administration in the US continues to defy... well fill in the blank.. common sense, decency, legality, reality.  A "campaign"rally - a month after inauguration... filled with at least 13 factually questionable statements... including an allusion to an attack "last night" against Sweden which never happened.

Here's the deal, writing this blog, I have inadvertently posted things that turned out to be incorrect. I once (based upon a wikipedia article) stated that a noted producer co-wrote a song. When I was corrected, by the writer of said song, I immediate edited my post to include the correct information (while leaving the incorrect information struck out) and I apologize for the error.

In contrast, when this administration is called out on misstatements, they double down, the shift blame, or they respond in some bizarre fashion that leaves their followers to believe the lie to be the truth. (i.e. many supporters of the current administration still believe the "media" is covering up an attack on Sweden).

Oh and let's not forget the non-stop attacks on the free press - who dare to ask "hard questions" and challenge untruths.

Okay, okay. I'm done for now.  The above views are my own and should not be associated with any artists featured on my page.

Before we leap ahead into the Shuffle... I would like to present a video from The Suitcase Junket. I first saw The Suitcase Junket - a uniquely talented one-man band - a couple of years ago at The 5 Spot.  He has a brand new album - his label debut coming soon, and today, we have a video from that album for the song, "The Next Act". Check it out below, and keep listening to E2TG for more from the album which is called, Pile Driver.

Today is Tuesday and we have our "Trending Tuesday" shuffle forthcoming....after the jump...

"Crazy" by Phil Rudd

How about we start with another track from the recently released album, Head Job, by the former drummer for AC/DC. Fine hard rock music to jump start my work week. 
"Angel on the Dance Floor" by Don Gallardo

Next up, a track from Hickory which would may have heard on Double Shot with Joe and Sue on WXNA. A lovely song inspired by a girl at The 5 Spot.

"Bye, Goodbye" by Paul Zografi

Next up, Paul Zografi with another excellent track from Rack - his latest CD. 

"The Road I'm On (Gloria)" by Richard Barone

Next up, a track from Sorrows and Promises: Greenwich Village in the 1960s. This song was the b-side of a cover of "Hootchie Cootchie Man" performed by Dion Dimucci who appears on this rendition. 

"Eric and Gina" by Joe Goodkin

Next, another from Record of Loss - which is out now. I love this track!  Check it out!

"Whiskey and Women" by Vanessa Collier

Next, a red hot blues number from Vanessa Collier's Meeting My Shadow" which is a few weeks away from official release. 

"Last American Hero" by Saint Luke's Drifters

Believe it or not, we have our last track to feature from Trials and Tribulations - the latest album by middle Tennessee Rockified Country band Saint Luke's Drifters. "Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust".  Great song. Album was mixed by the great Eric Ambel. 

"Dreamland" by Thorbjorn Risager and The Black Tornado

And talk about red hot!  We close out today's shuffle with our first listen to Change My Game from Denmark's Thorbjorn Risager and The Black Tornados which to us via Miss Jill PR and Ruf Records. Be listening for more from this album on E2TG. 

(click link above if embed is not working)

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