Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Love Bump Mix

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My question for today...  If there is any possibility (not to mention what now seems a probability) that American interests have been compromised by illicit contact with the Russian government, should not any American (regardless of ideological leanings) be interested in knowing the truth?  Asking for a friend...


Well, the cat is almost/partially out of the bag....  In celebration of and as a thanks to everyone, E2TG will be hosting the early show every Wednesday in May!  I will have a different co-host each week - I am finalizing the lineup and crossing i's and dotting t's, but I am super excited about these 5 shows.  Expect to hear much more soon!

It is Tuesday and we have some trending music to get you through these early week blues... (NOTE: Some days, I can find every single song in the shuffle on You Tube - some days, not so much.  I think I found three of the actual songs and in one case, I could not find any videos at all for the artist.... plus the embed is still not working.. I mean - WTF?  Ah well, enjoy!  Great music!

"Thoughts Like That" by Jesse and Noah

We begin with another track from Southern Usonia. I think the only two tracks left for us to feature from that album are the two that have videos.  So, I went back to a CXCW video for today's playlist. 
"Guitar in Hand" by Josh Hyde

The Call of the Night will be out in ten days. This is a track from that album by this Louisiana troubadour. This album features the legendary Sonny Landreth and many more Louisiana and Nashville musicians. 

"My Shoes" by The 81's

Every time I listen to Big Man by The 81's - I am more and more fascinated.  I really want to spend some more time digging into the lyrics here, but I really like this track (and the rest of the album).  Good to hear Luella's voice and Tim Carroll and Cameron Carrus.  Plus, I got some cool swag from this band. 

"Doin' Alright" by Microwave Mountain

After finally seeing Microwave Mountain a few weeks ago opening for Buck N' Stuff, I can say that I am officially on the Microwave Mountain bandwagon.  You know, when you keep hearing about a band but haven't experienced them yet, you wonder what all of the fuss is about.  Is it all hype. Well, in the case of Microwave Mountain - for me - the answer is an unequivocal "No Way!".  High energy rock and roll music. I got hold of their Shades Up album at the show - wrapped piece of printer paper on a homemade CD. It's DIY AF.  Love this band! 

"Impossible to Resist" by Nina Massara

I could not find any videos on You Tube for Nina Massara - maybe there are there, I don't know.  But, what do know is that her debut album, Watch Me, is due out in March. She is Danish and sings American roots based music.  This was my first listen and I want to hear more.  Here is a LINK to her website

"See the Light" by The Danbury Lie

E2TG faves - The Danbury Lie are up next with a track from the latest release Slow Cooker.  I love this music so much!

"Pirate Party" by Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers

Ahoy!  The title track from the latest album by Nashville OPBTM (Only Pirate Band That Matters. Let's party!

"Travis" by The Coal Men

Second day in a row, we have a track from Pushed to the Side.  Today, we have "Travis" - an emotionally powerful song. 

"Tearing It Down" by Paul Zografi

Keeeping things local - we have Paul Zografi with a song from Rack. Like The 81's - this record also features Tim Carroll and Luella - along with Justin Amaral. 

"Kalispell" by Logan X

And we close out the shuffle with our first listen to The Uncanny Logan X. Logan X is the project of Sam Braverman. This album was released in November, and if the end of last year was not such a wreck, I would have gotten to this sooner. Part of the Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen collective. We first heard Logan X back in 2013 when I wrote about their song "Pictures".  My post is listed as a Milestone on the Logan X Facebook Page which is pretty cool.  What is really cool is how much I dig this album. Expect to hear more from this album soon. 

Check out the Video playlist - mostly not the songs described above but a fun playlist nonetheless. I don't know why the embed is failing.  If any technical people can help, hit me up.  Meanwhile, I've linked to the Playlist below.

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  1. I just spotted your post, this is Nina Massara's YouTube channel and I thought you might enjoy her first video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO4x7Tze8O_GkmNIJmHdBbg. She also has a "front porch" video on her Facebook fan page that you might enjoy. (https://www.facebook.com/NinaMassara) Have to tell you - I love the name of your site :)