Friday, March 31, 2017

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Milky Way Mix

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Here we go... It is Friday...  and yes, a white supremacist is still holding a position of power in the White House - along with unqualified family members of President. This is somehow okay to people who believed this president would "drain the swamp".  If any swamp was drained, it was replaced with a cesspool.  Just saying.

Ah, but music.  Last night - one of the most rewarding and well-done shows of the year (and in a while).  Richie Owens celebrated 25 years of his band Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau.  The show opened with a reunion Owens' 1980s band The Movement. They sounded wonderful and really seemed to be having a great time.  It definitely took me back to my 30 somewhat years.

Next, the history of The Farm Bureau was told beginning with the original line-up and then past and present members entered and exited the stage playing music from every era of the band, the most recent line-up performed a few songs and then everybody returned for one of the bands signature songs that has spanned the band's history. Throughout Richie Owens narrated the shifting tides and times. Just about perfect.   The Farm Bureau will be playing Muddy Roots this fall, but otherwise, Richie will be devoting his musical time to Smokey White Devils and an acoustic project that I can't remember the name of.  So, in some ways this was a farewell show for now at least.

After I left that show at The 5 Spot, I headed down Main Street to The Family Wash in time to catch Megan Palmer with Jonathan Beam and Paul Niehaus - sounding amazing, followed by Russell Thompson with Sergio Webb plus David Conrad and Rebecca Weiner-Tompkins  (of Conrad y Skordalia), and ending with Sergio Webb backed by David and Rebecca.

The bad storms spared Nashville, and so here we are...

Show alert:  Tomorrow night - April 1 is the CD Release and Art Show for the latest album by Nashville legend David Olney.  Brock Zeman (who produced the album) will open and be joined by his regular sideman Blair Hogan.   You really want to be at this show - whether you know it or not.

It's Friday, and that means a Featured Friday Shuffle...

"Eating a Milky Way Tonight" by Luxury Mane

We begin this shuffle with a track from the album Lux Runnin Out by this art rock/indie band from St. Petersburg, Florida.  I notice that they have a more recently released 3 song EP called Keep it Fresh.

"Dreamland" by Marla Mase

Next up, a track from the latest album, Miracles: Lost and Found by E2TG favorite Marla Mase from New York City.  


I got turned on to Black Severn - this psychedelic blues noir band that transmits from the perimeter,  last year with the release of their self-titled album. Well they are back with the follow-up - called Wild Interior which is set for release two weeks from today. This is our first listen to the new album - an 8+ minute track called, "The Eye". Great stuff!  

"Struggle Town" by Owen Campbell

Up next, a track from Breathing Bullets, the most recent album from this Australian dirty blues/folk singer-songwriter.  Dig this album and the songs!

"Evangeline" by The Suitcase Junket

The Suitcase Junket is a one-man band based out of western Massachusetts. He is set to release his latest album Pile Driver in three weeks (April 21). We have our first listen to that album which sounds amazing.  I saw The Suitcase Junket at The 5 Spot a couple of years ago, and I was supremely impressed. Happy to get a chance to preview this album.  He has released a couple of videos of songs from the album - which are amazing, and one of them is the video playlist below.  Nashville: The Suitcase Junket will be at The Family Wash on Monday night. 

"To the Wolves" by Kingsley Flood

Kingsley Flood has been described as Billy Bragg-like punk/folk.  I'm not arguing.  This a track from their current album Another Other.  Check it out. 

"Experimental Theorem"  by the transcendents

And we close out the shuffle and the week with a track from the recently released Dirt Songs by long time E2TG favorite the transcendents from New Zealand.  As I have said before, this band walks that razor thin line between experimental music and just plain great songs. 

I honestly don't know why the embedding of playlist no longer working, but it's not.  So, click the link above to view the playlist)

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