Monday, March 20, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - It Runs Together Mix

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Watching with interest the testimony from the FBI Director to Congress. This are surely historic and terrifying times.

Friday night - took in a bunch of great music and celebrating St. Patrick's Day in a very traditional way. Tim Carroll Rock n Roll Happy Hour with Luella - always a great way to start a Friday.

Ben de la Cour, Clark Paterson, and Patrick Kinsley and A Fistful of Dollars were all wonderful.

I spent the rest of the weekend trying to catch up on some things.

Well - it is Monday and time for some Music City Monday tunes.  All artists with a connection to Nashville, Tennessee.  Go!

"She Loves Me Not" by Danny Trashville

There is something "so Nashville" about the way I first came to know about Danny Trashville, and his album The Great Unknown.  Standing out on the deck of The Basement East, I get to talking to someone. Tell him I write a music blog, and searches for a pen and writes the url to his bandcamp page on a paper napkin. A few days later, I come across the napkin, and I check out the page, and the music is really good.  Because - of course it is.  

"The Farthest Place I'll Go" by Adam Kurtz

Celebrating the return of Adam Kurtz from SXSW where he defied the laws of physics and time by playing roughly 8,000 shows over the course of a few days.. or so it seemed... We have one of his best know sea shanties from his album Tales of the Brine and the Maritime. It's also one of those bizarre connections, too, in that Kurtz's Buck n' Stuff bandmate - Drummer Guy - aka Lemuel Hayes was party to the creation of the Patrick Kinsley "Maritime Law" phenomenon. 

"Some Eternal Spark" by Joey Kneiser and Kelly Smith

Next up - Joey and Kelly from Glossary with a version of a Glossary song from the album Live from Standard Deluxe. Simply a gorgeous song. 

"Endless Day" by Shadow 15

Going back to the halcyon days of Nashville rock - the 1980s - with a track from Shadow 15 from their 2009 compilation Far Away. Great sounding Nashville punk. 

"Kitty Cat Scratch" by Suzette Lawrence and the Neon Angels

I hate that I missed Suzette Lawrence at Dee's Saturday, but glad to have this fiery song in the shuffle this morning. 

"Quake" by The 81's w/ Luella

Some topical music from The 81's featuring Luella and their album Big Man. One of my favorite recent albums. 

"It Runs Together" by Hard Working Americans

And we close out the shuffle with a track from Rest in Chaos - the latest album from Hard Working Americans. 

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