Monday, March 27, 2017

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Word of Advice Mix

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Okay. I am back after an unexpectedly long weekend.  Fresh on the heals of the failed GOP Tax Cut for the Wealth (under the guise of a healthcare bill)...  as we celebrate, we must keep pushing forward. My (naive?) hope is that Democrats can seize this opportunity to work with reasonable Republicans to improve the ACA. I hold out hope (naive?) that a single-payer system is still a possibility at some point. Meanwhile, we must keep up the pressure to demand an independent investigation into the ties of the current administration to Russia.

I have tried very hard not to lose real relationships over political differences - even vast ones. But, I have to admit, it disturbs me greatly to see people still posting misleading and debunked memes about President Obama and his family. He was President - his record will speak for itself. I don't particularly care if you like him or not. How about telling me what it is you like about the current President? His many, many trips to his privately owned resorts at taxpayer expense? His administration repeatedly misleading the American people?  His broken promises?

Warning: "I love Nashville for live music" blurb upcoming:  On a Sunday night (last night), for $5.00 (or $7.00), a decent crowd (which included some really awesome people) gathered to see some songwriters make music.  Beginning with Joshua Black Wilkins (solo) playing songs from his forthcoming album Rogue, followed by Sally Jaye (backed by Anna Joy Harris on fiddle), followed by Jon Latham with a (loud) full-band set that included a powerhouse cover of Springsteen's "Darkness on the Edge of Town", and ending with Zach Schmidt (with a full-band that included 2/3 of Buck 'n' Stuff) playing some old and new songs included the live debut of his new electric guitar.   The quality of the songwriting and playing was remarkable.  This was a nifty cross-section of the incredible pool of talent existing in Music City these days.  And a good example of why I cannot think of anywhere else I would rather be at this point in my life.

Hey - we got some more "Music City" connected songs - so let's move on...

"I Hope You Don't Die Before Me" by The Buddies

The first of two songs by The Buddies - a band that features Coley Kennedy (Welcome to Ashley, Black Vincent), Scott and Kim Collins (Smoking Flowers), and Justin Collins (Justin and the Cosmics).  This from the self-titled album. 

"Let Me In" by Kristen Ford

Next - the first of two songs from Rend and Render by one-woman band Kristen Ford. Ford has some Nashville dates forthcoming - so catch her if you can.

"The Great Unknown" by Danny Trashville

Next up, the title track from the 2013 album Danny Trashville. 

"Flames" by Kristen Ford

The second track from Kristen Ford - this one is a post-apocalyptic song/story.  

"Happiness Is" by The Buddies

Next - our second track by The Buddies - this from Country Record.  Love this band. 

"Funeral Flowers" by Joey Kneiser

I think I featured a live version of this song from Live from Standard Deluxe with Joey and Kelly Smith.  This version is from The All Night Bedroom Revival. 

"Everything Is As It Seems" by Jeremy Nash

Next up, our last song to feature from Getaway Driver from former Nashville (past and current New York) songwriter Jeremy Nash. 

"That's What I'm For" by Tim Carroll

Next - Tim Carroll with a track from the 2009 album All Kinds of Pain. This is one he plays pretty regularly at his Friday Rock n' Roll Happy Hour at The 5 Spot. 

"Watch Out for their Wives" by Eight O'Five Jive

And we close things out with some important advice from E2TG faves, Eight O'Five Jive from their latest album Swing Set. 

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